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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Australia Day...

Today is Australia Day and most cities and communities have various activities which people can attend. Other people have BBQs (barbeques) with friends and family to celebrate. Other people just enjoy having a day off work! January 26 is often referred to as 'Invasion Day' by the aboriginal people as it commemorates the day the British settlement at Sydney Cove started, led by Captain (later Governor) Arthur Phillip thus usurping the indigenous people's ownership of the land. For some aboriginal people the day is not one for celebration!

Some of our 'Australiana' that comes out each Australia day!
Australia day has gradually become a 'big deal'! By that I mean that the shops are stocked with merchandise depicting the Aussie flag for months! Community groups, Clubs, hotels and shopping centres host 'family events' with toad races, free sausage sizzles, face painting, jumping castles, rides, concerts etc. People can be dressed like an aussie flag, in flag shorts, shirts, thongs and hats. They can drink from flag waterbottles, flag stubby coolers, put their bbq supplies in a flag esky. They can dry off after a swim with a flag towel...and so the list of items goes on. I don't remember the fervour when I was growing up or for the next 2 decades. The best thing about these celebrations is the fact that those participating reflect the many faces of what an Australian is...many, many cultural backgrounds, but all proud to be Aussies! Today DH and I celebrated at a friend's house by having a lunchtime BBQ. And didn't we have lots of fun!

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