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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rainy days...

While much of my state is already flooded, it continues to rain. On my way home from having coffee with a friend I checked out the creek just down the hill from our place...the water was over the footbridge and much of the concrete bike path was submerged in the lower lying parts. I think that some parts of the city will flood as the rain continues to fall heavily. We have a telethon on Channel 9 this evening to raise funds for flood victims.
I'm fortunate as I'm in a position to enjoy this rainy weather. Sure, there is water running through under the house but it's not a living area, I've got washing drying very slowly on a 'clothes horse', it is a quagmire walking down the side of the house to the car and there are some leaks in the roof of the side veranda. However on the upside...the daily temperatures have stayed much lower than normal for January (it can be stinking hot usually!!!), my home is water tight in the living areas (the veranda doesn't count in this sort of weather), I'm not having to go to work and deal with 28 students with 'cabin fever'! it's perfect weather for knitting, cooking and sewing or sorting through stashes, my shrubs and trees seem to be thriving on the extra water, my water tanks will definitely be filled, it's perfect weather for reading and watching some TV or recorded shows and  I don't need to go out if I don't want to as our food stocks are pretty good at the moment. But I do spare a thought for my 'postie' and other workers who will be out in this rainy weather yet again tomorrow, the unfortunate homeless people in our city and of course the people affected by the severe flooding.

Following up from post on knitting last night, I started using some lovely hand dyed yarn that I bought possibly over 10 years ago at a craft show. I agonised about buying it as it was quite expensive and in my previous marriage I was the breadwinner and money was often tight. But I succumbed and bought these skeins of Littlewoods Wool Yarns from Euroa. But I did buy it and I then agonised about what was the perfect project to use it for...You guessed it! It stayed stored away...'just in case'!!!! Yesterday I wound 2 balls of wool from 1 skein and started knitting 'one of my shapes' last night with it. It is the most beautiful yarn...the feel of it, the colours, the texture etc are gorgeous to knit with. It makes the Cleckheaton and Ashford 8 plys seem like hessian!!! I think I will use a few skeins of Littlewood (not just the one I originally planned on) in this throw rug and enjoy every minute!

Yummy yarn!

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Susan said...

Those "just in case" buys are always nice to have tucked away until the right time. Enjoy your knitting :)