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Saturday, December 17, 2011

They say you learn something new every day...

Yesterday I was chatting electronically with my niece. I asked her if I could give her an IOU for her birthday which would entitle her to a hand knitted throw in a design she had admired. She very politely declined the offer as she pointed out that her house was full of throws which she has been mainly acquiring from 'op shops'. She said if I really wanted to make something for her, could I make her a tutu apron? Now I'd never even heard of such an item...I know what a tutu is and what an apron is...but a juxtaposition of both? not a clue! lol
So I did what we all do these days, I googled it. These are some of the examples I found. And they are varied... these were all examples of 'tutu aprons'.

Even a Christmas one with a layer of tulle underneath

I also found another one for sale with masses of tulle and bows which had the following warning. 'For baking only. Do not wear when using hotplates'. But I think I've got an idea of what my niece would like.

Don't go near the hotplates while wearing this one

 I saw my niece at a family dinner tonight ( my nephew's 18th at an Italian restaurant) and gave her and her husband a bag of gifts for Christmas and one for her birthday. I knitted a scarf for her today as a little 'extra' and popped that in with her other gift. So we've left them that bag of gifts to take home tomorrow.

I didn't put an IOU in the birthday card but I found a pattern that I bought a while ago on Ebay that might just do... Next step is to look through my considerable fabric stash.

I knew it would come in handy one day!


Becky said...

I hear ya on that fabric stash. When I was managing the Jo-Ann Fabric's store one tof the young women that worked for me was an apron goddess... she wore them all the time and anytime a new pattern came in she would buy and make herself several new aprons. Perhaps this is what my sister-in-laws will get this year. I have just the 5 adults on my husbands side to gift.

Maria said...

I am sure you will create a beautiful TUTU apron from your pattern and stash.