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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas in Blogland...

I got so involved with finishing my Kris Kringle item that I forgot that as well as giving an item away, I would also get an item in the mail from someone!
Last week my surprise arrived from Nicole who lives in the state of Victoria. What a lovely little ornament for my tree.

Hmmm....blogger keeps uploading the photo on its side!
Then on Saturday I got another parcel and this one came from Claudia, a fellow blogger, who lives in North Carolina. Claudia knows that I love to knit... This is what she sent to me....

A knitting needle case roll
Look at all those colourful felt flowers! On the top lefthand side Claudia has embroidered a little cat as she knows that I love cats!

What a delightful touch! Claudia has embroidered my initials :-)
And there was a lovely pair of bamboo needles in the case

And a lovely handmade card was included

I feel so fortunate to receive these lovely gifts...Claudia has to wait another week or so for her parcel from I've only just posted it. It involves the colour green and is a knitting other clues as Claudia reads this blog! lol


Claud said...

I'm so happy you are liking my humble present so much. When I got it, it was rather plain so I added the felt flowers and other details to make it a bit prettier.
I can't wait to receive my gift as I'm sure it will be beautiful.
Big hug,

Humble wife said...

Oh I love the lovely gift too. She did a wonderful job and more importantly she personalized it.

Enjoy your gift as it was made by hands that are very creative!