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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A bit of visiting...

DH and I didn't do much on Boxing Day but on Tuesday we drove the 100km to the part of the Sunshine Coast where my niece and her husband Eric live. Jenny had had a full house over Christmas with 10 people staying for a family get together. DD2 and partner had also gone up on Christmas Day but had come home on Monday afternoon.

Lots of traffic heading north

My nephew and his wife had driven up from Sydney to stay with his sister and her husband and as we rarely see Gregg and Chrissie it was important to us that we visit before they left. My brother and his younger 2 sons also came up from Brisbane on Christmas Day. The person who travelled the fartherest was Eric's teenage sister who had flown out from Germany.

Lucy kindly made me a cup of tea!
After days and nights of celebrating we noticed that everyone in the house was flagging a bit, but little Lucy, our great niece was full of energy! lol

Just hanging around...

Watching the cricket test on TV
It's amazing to me that I have all this family as I only found out about them  in December 1999.

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