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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another lovely Saturday...

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Secret Santa Sew in at a local patchwork shop called 'The Patchwork Tree'. Regular readers may remember that was where I went to a  'Christmas in July' afternoon. Even though I thought I was reasonably early yesterday, the shop was overflowing with ladies when I got there. But Alison (the owner) and her helpers had set up chairs in every nook and cranny so I easily found a seat but not at the big work table. That just meant that my stitching items and my cuppa and plate of goodies had to sit on the floor.

I met a whole lot of different ladies this time and one of these ladies was related to the wife of a prac teacher I had in 1969 at Mitchelton SS!!! Leon (Taefe) was studying law part time in those days and eventually became a barrister and well and truly left teaching behind! Sadly he has since passed away but as I told Mrs Taefe's cousin yesterday, I credit Leon with inspiring me to continue with my final year at college, as nothing else that year inspired me :-(. She's going to tell his widow I said that. So small world and all that...

Some of the ladies indulging in some retail therapy. Alison, the owner' is wearing the antlers

We also have Secret Santa at the sew in and I took along a jar of lovely homemade strawberry jam from the craft markets, wrapped up in 3 fat quarters of Christmas fabrics, with a decoration pinned to the fabric. All gifts are placed in some big baskets and then the helpers walk around distributing the gifts...I was handed my own gift but using sign language I indicated it was mine so I was able to get another gift. And this is what I got...lovely Christmas dish and pretty nice looking chocolates too!

This was the secret santa gift that I took along

This is the secret santa gift I received!

As we arrived and paid for the afternoon, we could choose a little stitchery kit...there was one with a scene with a cute house but I don't like doing backstitch that much (well I reckon my backstitch looks awfully uneven) so I chose another one which ended up being the same one I did at Christmas in July!

Also when we arrived we each got a raffle ticket for the lucky draws during the afternoon. On the 3rd draw the number 95 was drawn out...that was mine!! My prize was a beautiful Christmas that was an extra bonus after a lovely afternoon meeting lots of people, chatting, eating and sewing...what could be better!!! lol


Linn said...

Sounds like my kind of afternoon! That was a lovely idea of the homemade jam. I would have been very happy to receive a gift like that.

Becky said...

It does look like a whole lot of fun! One day I will have time to join one of the local quilting groups. For now I have the little online group and we have so much fun swapping and doing projects together.