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Thursday, December 15, 2011

On my mind...some vintage eighties 'stuff'...

It's Friday! So, as usual I'm joining in the feature on Rhonda-Jean's blog, 'On my mind'. yesterday DH and I had some friends, a neighbour and 1 DD join us for a breakfast. It's lovely having the new veranda area as the rain didn't force us inside into the cramped dining area. But as the morning wore on, the bleak, wet weather did make some of our guests feel a bit cold. DH brought out 'his blankie' (which I knitted for him in 2002) for one of our friends to wrap herself in. But then another friend also requested something to keep the cold out.

'Leave it with me,' I said cheerfully going back into the house, but inwardly panicking because I give all those knitted throws away.... Then I remembered a vacuum storage pack which I had filled with items that we didn't use very often...and which I then promptly forgot about and hadn't opened for years. I pulled out 3 rugs and took them back to our guests. I decided to take a photo of these vintage knits...they date back to the 1980s! Winter is a while away for us now, but I'll put these rugs out over the chairs etc next winter so that people can wrap up in them if they need some warmth.

Shadow box design; useful for using up oddments of yarn

Lost and found (see below); another design using oddments of yarn
I haven't done these designs/patterns for years but it might be time to reprise them I think. The striped design was in a book (it was for a child's vest but I just took the knitting design and used it for a rug) that I threw away when I moved houses. I regretted that decision but found the same book in a garage sale at our church just on 2 years ago :-), which I thought was extremely fortuitous. A little bit of trivia here, these rugs were knitted on long length old No 7 needles; I hadn't realised how good circular needles were for straight knitting back then!


{ T G L } said...

Hah, a blast from the past!

I really like the Shadow Box design - it's surprisingly contemporary actually, with that 3D effect.

Visiting you from 'On my Mind' :)

All the best,
This Good Life

Tasmanian Minimalist said...

Could your dog be cuter ? I love him/her xx