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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A lovely gift...

Today was the Christmas party and get together for the Sisters of Stitch. One of my friends there gave me a lovely surprise gift...a Sand art brownie jar. All the dry ingredients have been layered in a large jar (like the old sand art) and then a pretty fabric circle was placed over the lid. All I have to do is add 3 eggs, some vegetable oil and some vanilla; stir together, turn into a tin and cook for a batch of 16 brownies. How good is that!!!

I knew I'd seen something similar in my blog reading in the last week or so. Sure enough, a quick check revealed that Linni at Home had helped her daughter make up a sand art jar of 'Cowgirl Cookies' for a gift.
I LOVE this idea; it encompasses all my ideas of the Christmas season.


Maria said...

Your header photo is so cute.

What lovely Christmas gifts.

Gabby said...

OOOooo! What a fab idea!