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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bits and pieces...

Last night DH and I ate the last of our potato crop as the topping on a 'Shepherd's Pie'. I will certainly grow potatoes again next year but will start in autumn (March) and plant a new batch each month until October. The dreaded mildew is affecting the cucumbers, pumpkins and the zucchinis and I'll probably have to remove those plants. I think they are too far gone to try some remedies such as spraying with 'comfrey tea' , or full cream milk solution or neem oil and detergent.

My neighbour let her grandson water the veggie garden while we were away and late afternoon suited them not mornings. He was very enthusiastic but he's only 7 and some items were left unwatered or, in the case of the zucchinis and cucumbers he sprayed the leaves not the soil. So unfortunately the mildew spores had perfect conditions to spread. Never mind, I'm going to plant some more eggplants, capsicums and lots of sweet potato cuttings; all plants that don't mind hot and humid conditions.

Today DH and I went out to lunch at the local hotel. We went with some women who used to work for DH in the Electoral Commission. Spouses were invited too and we had a good time catching up. When we arrived at the dining area I told the hostess that DH and I had brought some people whom she would know. You see, she (Gail) has also worked for DH during elections and she always 'looks after us so well' when we dine at the hotel.

Gail chatting while she clears the table

At various times today I have worked on my 'Kris kringle' gift which must be posted to the recipient by Dec 6. I should finish it tonight so it will be the 'On my mind' feature that I join in most Fridays.
It is now quite cool after a number of hot and humid days. We had a storm here this afternoon but it just gave us some winds or loud thunder and lightning. The gardens need the rain! :-)

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