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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Menus

Many people throughout the world celebrate Christmas. It is certainly a degree of diversity in how people celebrate Christmas and this is especially so with the foods that are traditionally eaten. Claudia, one of my blogging friends who lives in North Carolina wrote a post about preparing food for Christmas. Claudia is originally from El Salvador and I found it so interesting to read here about the foods that her family prepares at Christmas.

When I was growing up, Christmas dinner was always Italian style. We would have pasta first, then a chicken stew which I think was called Chicken (Pollo) Stufato. It was delicious and quite rich with lots of butter and olive oil in the rich tomato based sauce. Chicken was a treat here in Australia in the 1950s and 60s; it was quite expensive. (Even though DH's family had 'chooks' in the backyard, his family still didn't eat a lot of chicken either.) Mum would always make a plum pudding and serve it with homemade custard for dessert ...mmm still love that!

Christmas Eve at our place 2011

Not one, but two plum puddings!

The cake all decorated by DH's cousin

Brandy truffles; a family favourite

Some rocky road made by my brother's partner; the white chocolate one is VERY popular!
It was probably when I was still at primary school that I discovered that my friends  (from British backgrounds) also had chicken for Christmas dinner but they had it roasted and served with gravy and baked vegetables. I then would complain to my mother that I wanted roast chicken not stufato...too bad, so sad, we continued to eat chicken stufato.

When I married and left home I cooked Christmas dinner for the family for 28 years. I used to roast chickens or some cut of meat such as a rib fillet, and a big pan of roast vegetables and of course serve plum pudding and brandy custard. For a few years after that I would go to my brother's house and we would have a BBQ meat and seafood lunch with lots of salads.

When I met DH, suddenly I was part of a big family! I did continue doing a hot roast meal for about 6 years but in the last few years have succumbed to what many Aussies do, have a buffet meal with cold meats and salads...oh and of course, I must not forget the the plum pudding and custard (and icecream and jelly if I'm really being 'naughty')
Maybe readers might like to comment on their Christmas menus?


Lea White said...

We had turkey (and stuffing), ham, leg of pork, rice, potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower as well as pumpkin fritters (with a sweet sauce). And for dessert a friend's cake she brought and my grandmother's fridge tart that I made. Next year we'll probably just do a BBQ.

Linn said...

Our family's traditional Christmas fare is basted leg of ham, roast pork and turkey breast served with potato bake and salads. Of course, this has to be followed by a trifle and fresh fruits.

Maria said...

Lea and Linn, those Christmas dinners sound so yummy! I'd love to hear more about your grandmother's fridge tart and the pumpkin fritters Lea.
Linn, I love trifle but didn't make it for years as my first husband hated it :-(

Claud said...

Thanks for the nice mention and the link back to my blog. You're too kind. I love hearing about all the different menus and they all sound so yummy. I also would like to get a recipe for the pumpkin fritters. They sound delicious!