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Sunday, December 18, 2011

odds and sods...

Last Thursday my friends David and Majella came over for breakfast. They brought me some roses from their garden. David is very proud of his roses and with good reason. His daughter clones roses from old varieties and as a result David's roses all have the most glorious fragrance unlike the more modern varieties of roses. My dining room has been filled with the lovely scent of roses since Thursday and even though the blossoms have opened right out, the petals haven't fallen yet...too beautiful.

On Saturday night DH and I joined other family members and family friends at a dinner to celebrate my nephew Ion's 18th birthday. As I've  written previously, I was reunited with my long lost brother in 1999. I met my 2 younger nephews a few days later; Rowan who was 18months old and Ion who was 6. I pretty much fell in love with them straight away and I'm so proud of them. Ion is now an adult, quite a bit taller than me...and has stubble lol. He started university this year but deferred after one semester. He's working while he works out exactly what he wants to do.

Today DH's DD1 came over for a while and then suggested we all go to the movies; which we did. We saw George Clooney's 'Ides of March'; a very apt name if you remember Julius Caesar, except these were metaphorical knives not real ones. For the life of me, try as I might, even after reading for information etc...I still can't understand the US electoral system...these 'primary whatsits' etc.  Being involved in running federal elections for over 25 years DH adored the movie...I just ogled George  Clooney even if his character was a bit flawed. :-)

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Maria said...

Oh there is nothing nicer than a bunch of roses from someones garden. do they smell nice Maria??
Lucky you.