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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A little bit about my garden...

The weather is still cold here at night but during the day, the weather is glorious; perfect for sitting in the garden reading, knitting or just  daydreaming...
The potato plants a week ago; they continue to grow and I'm mounding up the soil around them now

The passionfruit on the vine which came up in the compost spread around the 'natives' at the front.

A batch of passionfruit icing made with one of those passionfruit!
A rather battered geranium (purists would say 'pelargonium) but I love the colour!
A close-up of a blossom on my New Zealand Christmas tree

'Steptosolen jamesonii' or Marmalade plant growing in one of the garden beds at the front.

In the early 2000s, I rented a little old house which had an overgrown and very neglected garden. I loved that garden because there were so many plant treasures that I gradually uncovered. Obviously at one time a keen gardener lived there. That's where I discovered the Marmalade plant growing amongst some hydrangeras, the colours contrasting beautifully. I planted one here a few years ago but with the drought, it wasn't doing very well. But last year the rains came and of course early this year the rain quite overwhelmed the state. The plant has grown from being only a few inches tall to being nearly a metre tall!! (sorry about the mix of measurement systems but that's how I think in 'measure'! lol)

This is what I bought with the Bunnings (like Lowes in the US) vouchers I got for my birthday
After much consideration I bought a small, modular garden bed. I haven't worked out where we'll put it yet but I need to organise that soon, as the warmer days mean spring is on the way and it's time for some more veggie planting.

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Tanya said...

Hi Maria, I have just been catching up with all your news over the last couple of weeks. Sorry to hear about your sad news. Having pets euthanased is a very peaceful and loving send off though and a privilege to be with them at the end.
I have never heard of a Marmalade Plant and it looks so vibrant. I can just imagine it with blue hydrangeas.
I am so envious of your passionfruit. I really struggle to get one up up and away here and there you are just popping them out of the compost. Lucky duck.