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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A very satisfying feeling...

Today I put the finishing touches to 2 of my recent knitting projects. One, the project I named 'Over hill and dale' was delivered to the church hall along with its inventory sheet. The workers had already started to display items on the tables and many paintings had been already hung. The Art Show starts on Friday night and then goes all weekend.
The second project was tied up with a bright length of ribbon, then wrapped up ready to give to my neighbour Judy who is 70 today! Judy is a special neighbour; she's the one who waters the garden, collects the mail and feels our pets when we go away. It is a two way thing though as we have done the same for her at various times. The two families even share cars if necessary, and wait for delivery people or repairmen and Judy has a spare key to our house rather than us have one hidden somewhere.

'Over hill and dale...'

Judy's gift, tied up with ribbon

The birthday girl unwrapping her surprise (her grandson doesn't have a hunch back; he'd just taken his warm jacket off and wrapped it round his neck! lol)

We didn't get a photo of her reaction when she unwrapped the parcel but it was one of big surprise. I have been working on it at various times when she's 'dropped over' but of course she had no idea it was for her! lol DH and I, along with Judy's daughter and grandson, then went out for a celebratory lunch at a nearby tavern.

Tonight, as his birthday bash clashes with another birthday party we're going to on the weekend, my brother is having a celebration dinner here tonight with 2 of his children, 2 of our girls and of course DH and I. My brother's partner isn't coming, as here in Queensland, it's a big football (rugby league) match between our state and NSW tonight and it 'the gang' will be watching it here. She's told my brother she's not into football so won't be coming...I'm awful you know...because she's not coming, I haven't worked non stop getting the house ready...just a quick dust, wipe over and DH ran the vacuum cleaner over the floors! It says something to me though...I have to work harder on the relationship between her and I until she seems more like family instead of an honoured guest.

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Claud said...

You do such beautiful work! I love both of them.