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Thursday, July 7, 2011

On my mind...bits and pieces

As usual on a Friday I'm joining in a feature on another blog called 'Down to Earth' here where each of us posts a photo with accompanying text on the theme, 'On my mind', then link it back to 'Down to Earth'. It's been an excellent way of 'meeting' other bloggers and enjoying their posts as well as getting feedback from other bloggers all around the world.

On my mind today are bits and pieces. Firstly, I have a box and a separate plastic bag of squares (knitted, crocheted) that I brought home from a 'Knit and Natter' session of the Knitting for Brisbane's Needy charity group. I have promised to turn these squares into some knee rugs which are urgently needed. It is a challenge as the squares are not all the same sizes. I'll enjoy this challenge as it will need a fair amount of ingenuity and creativity, 2 skills that I think I need to use before I lose them!! lol  As I complete a rug I will put a photo of it on my blog.

The other bits and pieces on my mind are some squares of cotton fabrics (children's designs) and some matching squares of thick polar fleece. I have rarely bought fabric suitable for children's projects but in recent years I've occasionally bought the 3 lb(pound) bags of scrap fabrics from eQuilter when they are on special. I've always got a lovely selection of fabrics and of course children's designs usually were in the parcels. I've cut up an unfinished polar fleece jacket that a friend was making  her late mother for those squares and it's been a project for the odd 15-30 minutes of quiet time here and there over the weeks since we came back from overseas.

I've started sewing the diagonal lines on the squares which hold the pairs of squares together. Then I'll sew them into a rectangle with the seams on the top side. Then you clip into every seam fairly close together 1/4 inch intervals...then wash and dry in the dryer and the seams 'fluff up' and look very decorative.
I'm following the instructions in a 'Handmade' issue and the blanket is called 'Warm as Toast'...these blankets are also referred to sometimes as 'Raggy quilts'. More photos of this project to come... I'm making this for 'Project Linus' which my craft group 'Sisters of Stitch' support.

A number of weeks ago I published a post about a knitting challenge I had set myself here. Well that challenge is finished as I reported in my quite recent post here.


Claud said...

I have no doubts that you will turn all those bits and pieces into beautiful blankets and throws.

Maria said...

Thanks Claud! :-)

Rose said...

I hope you'll post what you end up with! :)

Maria said...

I sure will Rose! I'm having fun now that I have the time to 'play' with fabrics and yarns.