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Monday, July 4, 2011

Lotsa knitting!!

Today was a day of knitting, knitting and more knitting! This morning I drove to Scarborough for a K4BN  (Knitting for Brisbane's Needy) 'Knit and Natter ' session. I arrived about 20 minutes late, as despite having the GPS, I missed the turn off and the next off ramp was a number of km up the road. I love the GPS (remember we named her 'Harpy' in the US) as 'she' is just so calm and reassuring no matter how many wrong turns I take! lol

Three husbands were also at the K&N and they had their own 'Natter' session. I took a newish project to work on; one of my garter stitch chevron rugs that are fairly quick to finish. I tend to underrate these throws as it is such a simple design but I've made so many over the years and they always turn out so well. Even though no two of these simple rugs have been exactly the same, they do look similar as i tend to use MY favourite colours in them! lol.

I also took home a medium sized box of knitted squares which I've volunteered to sew into could be a real challenge I was warned as the squares come from a number of different sources and are often all different sizes...The box is still in the boot as I need DH to carry it up into the house for me. Probably on another post, I'll tell all about my experience making these rugs...stay tuned! lol

Tonight I went to the local wool shop where another group of knitters meet to ...well... sit and knit...and of course natter!!! It's also a good opportunity to prowl around the store looking at all the goodies...
Tomorrow I've set aside time to weave in the ends and sew the label on my Art Show throw, as well as snip a few ends on another throw which I am giving to my neighbour Judy on Wednesday for her 70th birthday! I have a couple of UFO projects that I plan to work on this week as's looking good...possibly 3 finishes this week!!

Update on DH's brother...he checked himself out of the hospital late last night which has upset the family so much. DH is feeling quite angry at the moment as well as being 'sick with worry' for his brother's welfare. He spent quite a bit of time at his brother's house this afternoon with some discussion about the future in the worst case scenario. My mother refused treatment in the last 4-5 months of her life and I know how upsetting it was for the family; we felt so helpless. Ultimately we had to accept her decision though. Tomorrow is another day and things could never know.

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