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Saturday, July 30, 2011

From squares into a blanket...

Today I was supposed to go out to lunch with a friend but at 9am she rang to cancel. I knew exactly what I would do with my new-found free time; I would finish a blanket made with squares that had been donated to K4BN. Nearly a month ago I came home with a box and a bag filled with donated squares.

I spent a few days just unpacking the box and then sorting the rather disparate collection of squares and rectangles into groups. I grouped by size and also by whether they were crocheted or knitted.

Some of my 'piles' which then went into some ziplock bags

After a bit of fiddling around, I found that 9 larger squares in a 3x3 configuration (there were actually 10 of these) could be bordered by some smaller ones to make a knee rug size. So gradually I sewed these together and yesterday I finished the sewing. I had decided that  would do some rows of double crochet around the edge and then finish by crocheting a 'shells' edging  for the final round. So that's what I worked on this morning.

A shell border

I estimate that I can make at least another 4 blankets out of the squares left in the box, but I plan to crochet around each of the squares in black which will make joining so much easier. I have mixed feelings about sewing the squares into rugs. On the one hand they are being made into something useful and will help keep the recipients warm. But on the other hand, I don't get the level of satisfaction I would get if I controlled aspects such as colour...I just have to work with the hotch-potch of colour and sizes that I get. But it's still a good feeling to get one completed ready to take to hand in at the next K&N.

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Maria said...

I am sure the blankets you make out of your donated squares will be really appriciated by someone who has nothing to keep them warm. Keep stitching them together.Great job Maria.