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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another weekend...

On Saturday night we went out with some friends for a meal and then went back to their place for dessert and coffee. I took along some of my choc-coconut slice as my contribution. This recipe has a bit of a history. When I was still at high school, (so we're talking the mid sixties here) my mother and I were visiting a neighbour when Mrs O'Regan (the neighbour) said that could we come out to the kitchen with her as she'd just remembered that her youngest was bringing home some friends later in the  evening and she wanted to do some baking for all these young men. We watched her make the slice and my mum asked for the recipe.
I've made that slice so many times and especially when my children were young and I still make it. It's easy and people seem to really enjoy it.

So here is that recipe:-
                                       Chocolate Coconut Slice a.k.a. Coconut Delights
Ingredients:- 1 cup Self Raising  flour
                    1 cup of crushed Vita Brits, weetbix or cornflakes (or any cereal really)
                    1 cup of coconut
                     1/2 cup of sugar
                    5 oz of shortening (5 tablespoons)
                    1 Tablespoon cocoa powder
                    1 dessertspoon of golden syrup
Method:- Sift flour and cocoa into bowl. Add cereal, coconut and sugar and mix well.
               Melt butter and syrup; add to dry ingredients, mix well.
               Press into greased swiss roll tin.
               Bake in a moderate oven for 12-15 minutes. Stand tin on cooler and cut into squares.
               When almost cold, ice with warm chocolate icing and sprinkle with coconut.

Today I had plans to go to the Farmers' Markets in the next suburb. Unfortunately I slept in a bit and then we got a phone call from DH's older brother's step-daughter telling us that her stepfather was very ill and had been taken to hospital. The paramedic had told her and her mother that the ambulance would be in a queue for at least an hour at the hospital before my BIL would enter Emergency. DH has spent most of today waiting for the updates from his SIL. The latest news is that it is not known what is specifically wrong, however he is unable to walk and it is reported that they are unable to listen to his heart because of the 'noise coming from his lungs'...(sorry, remember I'm getting this third-hand!) Tomorrow is another day and being Monday, the public hospital, will again have staff involved in testing etc back working.

This afternoon I went to a tupperware party at my stepDD2's place; lots of young friends and siblings far outnumbered the 'oldies', i.e.  myself and StepDD's mother. When it was my turn to pick a prize out of the box, I picked the little tongs...a sign that I've been to too many tupperware parties is that I already have all those little goodies in the prizes box!!! lol


Tanya said...

This is the chocolate slice recope I have used for years too and I swear by it. A hearty/naughty slice.

Linn said...

Thanks for the recipe Maria. I'm sure my kids would love it! Sounds like Tupperware parties haven't changed much since I was much younger. Do you get to play those games still?