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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Best laid plans...

Yesterday I had planned to have a lazy day after my hectic weekend. Following my Saturday spent in reminiscing with people who had shared those high school years with me, on Sunday the memories continued with DH and I attending a surprise 60th birthday lunch for a friend who started school with me way back in 1957.

That's me in the red cardi and black polo-neck; the regal look is actually caused by my back aching while we posed for photo after photo! lol

Jane's surprise party

A colourful DH at the surprise party

A few tears from the Birthday Girl!

On Sunday evening one of our cats, Eduardo, was listless and didn't want dinner. This is the cat who
mee-ows pitifully from 4pm onwards wanting to be I knew something was wrong. I checked him over for ticks but found a scabby area on his 'face' and I then noticed a pretty strong odour...similar to the smell when children have an ear infection, only worse! Eddie had an abcess, probably from a cat fight!
I sent DH downstairs to get out the cat carrier from under the house, ready for a trip to the vet next morning. I also went down and got out the old pet basket and made up a bed for him in the lounge room. I checked him a few times during the night just as if he was a sick child. Eduardo is actually my daughter's cat but he's lived with DH and I for 8 1/2  of his 10 years, as she has lived in unit blocks and other rentals where pets are not allowed. Therefore when he disappeared once for 2 days and when he's had to go to the vet it's always been at the back of my mind that he's her cat and the thought of having to tell her bad awful!

Eddie with his swollen face, settling down  in the basket

But it wasn't bad news this time either. We had a quite early appointment at 9.20am. It took an hour because the vet wanted to do some blood tests which would make it easier for her to prescribe certain medications. It was an abcess, quite a nasty one and if Eduardo's kidneys were functioning well he'd be able to have some anti inflamatories for the pain, along with a large injection of antibiotics. He was also tested for Feline AIDS as this disease can be transmitted via bites...The little man has good kidney function and he tested negative for AIDS. He behaved so well and by the time we were leaving he was quite sleepy.

Today Eduardo continued to improve. The swelling is still there but the smell has gone, so the antibiotics are clearing up the infection.

Still a little swollen and with a shaved patch, the patient early this morning

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Maria said...

looks like you had a lot of fun at your school reunion.

Pleased Eldorado is getting better.