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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another 'action-packed Saturday! lol...

Saturday, we awoke to rain. Normally no big drama, a wet Saturday, but yesterday was the annual Inner-City Churches fete. This event brings together a number of parishes who are small these days compared to years gone by when each raised funds by hosting an annual fete. There just aren’t enough people to run a fete individually in each parish so we combine our resources and have one event. We are a variety of denominations too and as this fete has been held for quite a few years now, we tend to know each other and support each other’s stalls. But we need lots of people to come to buy our goods and a wet day in the park is not that popular apparently!
I have helped for years but DH has gradually found himself also helping.  Our stall is mainly a BBQ but we also have baking, plants, books etc. DH and I were responsible for the organisation of the BBQ again this year which includes buying provisions, slicing onions and bringing along tools etc needed for cooking and serving. This year at my urging the committee agreed to drop the hamburgers from the menu. Myself and another lady would make the 100 meat patties each year and I thought we could have a break...also tomatoes are very expensive because of shortages after all the floods so that was another reason to drop the burgers.

DH wearing swim goggles to lessen the effect of the onions, slicing onions with the V slicer

My job was to peel the 6 kg of onions...
That just made things so much simpler this year as we had to cram our tables in under the gazebo because of the rain, so there wasn’t a lot of room for cooking and serving. Rain drizzled throughout the morning but the mood was buoyant. We did lots of chatting between customers, of whom there were very few. I guess it is the same group of us who help out at these things so we’ve become good friends over the years.

In January this park was under several metres of water from the flood. The school in the distance was closed temporarily because of severe flood damage

DH manned the 'barbie'

The various stallholders, all in the same boat, came and supported each others’ stalls. Five scarves I knitted got sold and quite a few plants and secondhand books. We probably sold 112 sausage sizzles so we had heaps of ‘bangers’ to go into the parish freezer! Talking of freezers...the weather was quite cold for Brisbane so it was nice to pack up at 1pm and head for home. DH had some extra things in his car...we won the raffle! A laundry basket of items donated by people in the congregation including some items we donated! Lol
Our raffle prize

Four of the scarves I donated for sale
Not so good news...
Later on in the day I opened an email from my niece J who is in Germany at the moment after a ‘dash’ there with her husband and baby last Monday. Her husband E’s mother had gone missing. Sadly the news in the email was that the lady had been found; she had taken her own life. E’s little sister has no one now...What awful news for the little’s so sad.

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Claud said...

Sad news to received after a good day of sharing, celebrating and coming together. I hope and pray the girls (and the whole family) can find comfort soon.

The scarfs were beautiful! You're a very talented knitter and a lucky one too. You always win something - it's great :-)