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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Still quite busy...

A few people who read my blog have asked me recently how the sale of the house is going. Well at this stage there has been some interest in our property by 3 would be developers but none of these people have put in an offer. Probably they consider the price too high but to us it isn't unrealistic. The agent knows what our 'bottom' price is but he hasn't given us any indication that there have been any offers. We actually paid marketing costs upfront this time and DH considers it to be a learning experience; he says he won't get caught a second time.
If you sense I'm not upset that we haven't sold are right. I like the convenience of living here; I like my garden and the space and I like the views....The real estate agent has a sales contract to sell the house until the end of July so it's not quite over yet. Maybe one day the market will improve and we might consider a move, but at the moment I think we will enjoy what we have already. Another 'maybe' suggested to us by some friends who have been in a similar situation, is to extend the selling contract beyond July.

Some of the wildlife that visits our backyard

Last night (Friday) DH and I went to the opening of the parish Art Show. Not as big a turn out as some other years but a number of items were sold, including 4 paintings. My entry was sold before the show opened... via a phone call on Thursday morning to the organiser. The buyer was the lady who took my item and checked my inventory form on Wednesday. She apparently had a 'Wow! I've got to have this' ! moment and kept thinking about it during Wednesday she bought it!

A view of the crafts' part of the Art Show

This morning I went back to the Art Show and did a few hours helping with the devonshire teas. Then it was a quick dash home to change and go to a reunion of my Grade 8 High school year. There were 35 of us and a number of people had travelled considerable distances to get there...I travelled about 2 km! Some people I have seen since I left school but there were a number whom I have not seen since 1966...and I didn't always recognise people today, but then again some people didn't recognise me either!!! lol

These 'boys' sat opposite me at lunchtime; where did those years go? I can still see them in their school uniforms!! lol

Some of the 'girls'

It was quite surreal sitting there listening to people talking about their grown-up children and their grandchildren because all I could 'see' were these 16/17 year old people. As someone commented:- 'It's like we've gone from 16-60 y/o in one jump!' And it was...We had a group photo taken and you can be sure I will put it in a post when i get a copy!

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