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Friday, June 3, 2011

Will I be blacklisted?....

On my mind today is my disastrous first attempt at being part of a 'swap'. When the 'dishcloth swap' was announced in late April I excitedly signed up and in due course I was allocated a swap partner. I had what I thought was the perfect yarn... a soft cotton from the American yarn shop (now Yarn Over) in blues, pinks and mauves. I enthusiastically sent an email to my swap buddy, introducing myself and then waited to hear back from her...and I waited...and I waited. I hastily emailed the response. Being me I got upset that I was unable to post the dish cloth to my buddy but eventually I just 'gave up'. It (the cloth) sits and taunts me but today I've finally made a descision...I will send the cloth, along with some lovely handmade soap I bought at a craft market, to an old friend 'who has been doing it tough'. A few years ago now her daughter was stabbed to death trying to protect her 3 children from her abusive partner. My friend and her husband have been through many dark days trying to come to terms with what happened. Occasionally I send her little quirky gifts to let her know I care about her. So, on reflection, I think things have turned out alright after all...but hopefully I won't be blacklisted from being part of future swaps as I wasn't able to send my item!!!


Claud said...

I'm sure you will not be blacklisted (if this is a possibility) since you tried to get in touch with your buddy. If anybody should be blacklisted it should be me since I'm going to the post this weekend to mail my little care package - yikes! I was out of town last weekend and completely forgot, but I still haven't received my buddy's package either - not that this makes my wrong right. Does that make sense? Anyway, I'm sorry about your friends, but it's good that they have somebody so caring (YOU) around them.

Big hug,


ps - I raised all $300.00 for the Race for the Cure. Thanks again for your contribution.

rhonda jean said...

Dear Maria, I'm so sorry the swap didn't work the way it should have. That happens sometimes. It's a lovely gesture to send a little gift to your friend, I'm sure she'll appreciate it and know you're thinking of her.

However, I would like you to send me your address so I can post a dishcloth to you. I have plenty here and it's absolutely no bother. So email me today so I can get it in the mail on Monday. And please join the next swap, I'll ask Sharon to look after you personally.

Becky said...

I'm sorry your partner didn't work out for you. That happens sometimes but not too often. I participate in swaps regularly with an on-line quilter's groups and we have a grand time together.

Maria said...

Thank you Claud, Becky and Rhonda for your encouraging words. I certainly won't stop participating in swaps and look forward to many more! With my vivid imagination I've started wondering whether Kathie my swap partner is ok; maybe a crisis has come up in her life and she was unable to participate???
Rhonda that is such a geberous offer; thank you so much. :-)

Rose said...

Maria it's a shame that things didn't quite work out but I see Rhonda has made a great suggestion.

Catherine said...

It happens - ;'(
I've had it happen to me before and ended up doing a private swap with the swap hostess.
Lovely thoughtful idea to on gift your dishcloth to a friend.