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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My big weekend...

Last weekend was very busy for me...I was busy celebrating my 60th birthday. It seems so surreal to be 60! What is being 60 supposed to be like? Many people have asked me how it feels to be doesn't feel any different to being in my 50s actually. However I now have a seniors business card which allows me to receive discounts from certain retailers, restaurants and other businesses. Dh has had one of these cards since 2009 and it's amazing the number of places where he can receive a discount.
Now about this busy weekend of mine...
Firstly on Saturday, my BIL, David and my SIL, Mary, hosted a family (plus some good friends) celebration. What wonderful people David and Mary are...they not only provided the food but also opened their beautiful home and gardens up for the party. My best friends Pamela and her husband Garry also gave a hand with providing food and Pamela also made and iced the cake. The weather was beautiful and it was delightful to watch everyone talking and laughing and the 2 babies, the 1 toddler and the 7 year old being looked after by everyone.

Four people are missing from this photo, so where were they hiding? lol Joel, a friend of DH's DD3 took the photo.

DSD3 and DD2

Then on Sunday, I hosted a High Tea event for 22 of my female friends. These guests ranged from school friends (from when we started school in 1957), a classmate from teachers' college, 2 people who I supervised when they were student teachers as well as colleagues from 40 years of working in schools. The tea-room here I chose is in the suburbs and is run by Eniko who cooks everything served on the premises. I had booked the little tea-room out, and again it was so nice to hear the excited chatter of my friends.

There were other friends I would have liked to invite  but I wanted to be able to talk to each of my guests but the deciding factor in numbers was that the tea-room really couldn't hold any more people. We all had a lovely afternoon in the little tea-room with its pretty china and silverware and the gorgeous food.

So as you see, I had one big weekend and enjoyed every minute of it! And the really nice thing has been the number of my friends who've written to tell me how much they enjoyed the occasion too!


Claud said...

Everything looks lovely. I'm glad you had a wonderful time with friends and family.

Big hug,


Maria said...

Thank you Claud! It was a great weekend as I've always loved having family and/or friends' gatherings. It was particularly lovely seeing our nieces and nephews with their young children...

kaiteM said...

It certainly looked as tho you had a wonderful day, congratulations. I reached that milestone a couple of years ago but mine was very low key in comparison.