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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photos, photos and more photos....

Regular readers would know that DH and I went to the US earlier this year. I uploaded photos most nights on the trip using the laptop which we took with us. I still have to put some of those photos on to the portable hard drive to clear up space on the laptop. Some photos are also on a USB that travelled with us as well as it had knitting patterns on it!
DH waited until we were home before he uploaded from his camera. After deleting a number of photos he ended up with 1486. He wondered whether he would have them printed...I guffawed at that idea I'm afraid. Nonetheless he tried organising printing online using Big W's ( a large store similar to Target) offer. Maybe it was the sheer size of the order but the ordering process just wouldn't complete. Then a local electrical retailer had a digital picture printing special offer of 9cents per print, so armed with the  pen drive full of photos down he went and organised the printing.
A day or so later he picked them up. My goodness, you should have seen how many photo folders were in the two bags!! DH bought some large albums in which to put the photos; 400 prints per album. He thought that each package/folder of prints would be all the one date and it would be easy to arrange the photos in chronological order. But no!... they're not! We have 1486 photos which are quite jumbled up...good job we're retired!!!! lol


Maria said...

WOW what a job. Have fun.

Linn said...

Good luck with that guys!