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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I went back and edited yesterday's post...

This morning I took the opportunity to do a little work on the garden at the back. Firstly I planted the seed potatoes I bought a few weeks ago and which are finally sprouting. A fortnight ago I prepared the soil, digging over the area and then adding cow manure,compost and some gypsum as the clay is still a problem.
I only used a fraction of the potatoes, so if any one lives in Brisbane and would like some seed potatoes, you only have to ask via the comments' box!

The prepared garden bed was almost completely covered in fallen leaves!

Then I made a start of raking up the fallen leaves which blanket just about the whole backyard. The culprit is a chinese elm tree which is really a weed here in Queensland and they seem to be everywhere. I'll put some of the leaves into the compost bin to provide some carbon content, the rest I'll put into a black plastic garden bag, along with a few handfuls of manure and blood and bone, and leave for quite a few months so it breaks down.

The 'naked' chinese elm tree

The path from the back gate is a carpet of leaves!

One of my raked piles

And finally...
Yes as the title suggests, I went back and edited some of my post from yesterday...I mentioned a magazine called 'Forum' which I said a friend had lent me some copies way back in the mid 70s. I said that the mag had been described as 'soft porn', but this was a description used by the detractors, and it was probably a bit unfair. My friend lent me issues with medical articles in them as in the 70s we didn't have the luxury of the internet and Google.

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Kimmie said...

Came on over form another blog where you mentioned Mitchie markets. Hubby has his own business and the pasta stall at Mitchie markets. Have you tried anything from his stall as yet? We always offer a discount to those who follow my blog. Just mention this to him.