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Thursday, June 23, 2011

On my changes

On Sunday it's our wedding anniversary. Many of our friends have had their 40th wedding anniversaries in recent times but for DH and I, it's the 7th. He has booked us into 'Outriggers' on the Gold Coast for Saturday night and we'll have a lovely time 'playing tourists' enjoying the atmosphere but no swimming at this time of year! lol

At our wedding I gave a little speech in which I talked about how people 'make memories' and how that each of our families had memories which could be, re-lived, revisited and recalled at will and that this new partnership would not destroy that. In my conclusion I stated that ,'...second marriages should not be considered second-best...only different.'
So how has this marriage been different? I think it is all about maturity...and personality. In my first marriage I endured subtle and not so subtle 'put downs' and I did nothing about it. DH is very encouraging and supportive and would never demand that dinner be on the table by 6pm...he doesn't shout at me, he doesn't need me to fill out his tax form or pack his suitcase for holidays...he'll tidy the kitchen after I've cooked dinner and he'll insist I sit down while he does it (we have a division of labour; I cook he cleans up afterwards...I love it!)! I used to come home from work and immediately start peeling vegetables; DH taught me that it doesn't hurt to sit down for a while with a cup of tea. He also taught me to share my problems...and gee that feels good! He is extraordinarily patient and supportive of my children of which I am so grateful.
His saying...'How do you eat an elephant sandwich? Ans. a little at a time' has helped me enormously in my life.

DH regularly tells me how I have brightened his life too so I guess he's talking about that home cooking and the fact that I don't mind cleaning the bathroom which he hates!!!! lol
If someone 20 or even 15 years ago had have predicted how my life would change so much...I would have told them they were 'dreamin'


Claud said...

Have a beautiful Anniversary my friend. Big hug,

Maria said...

Many thanks Claud! I'll take some photos of our Gold Coast for you to look at too!

Linn said...

Happy Anniversary, have a lovely time at Gold Coast!

Becky said...

Sounds like you landed a winner second go around - thats how my DH feels about me. His first marriage lasted 3 months - he was in the Navy full-time then and when he shipped out she started sleeping around with the Sailors still on Base. Her best friend filled him in when he got back to port and he told her to call her Mother and pack up her 68 pairs of shoes and get out. I have maybe 5 pairs of shoes - much more practical and the best part - FAITHFUL to my vows. Sometimes it takes two tries to find a winner. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Maria said...

Thanks everyone for those kind wishes!

Stitchin' time said...

Hope both of you had a really enjoyable anniversary.
I'm enjoying my second time around and this time it's been 13 years not 3 :).