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Saturday, June 4, 2011

My new 'toy'...

Last Monday DH and I went to Chermside (a big shopping centre here in Brisbane) as I was determined to use a gift card that Myer had sent me for my birthday. I usually forget to use such things/offers until they have expired but this time I was on a mission! As well as the little 'present' from Myer, I had other gift cards which had been given to me and after much thought, I decided to use all the Myer gift cards to buy a slow cooker. I've 'hummed and hahed' about buying such an appliance for ages...the main stumbling block is that I don't have much storage room in my tiny galley-style kitchen. Also just last Saturday we had a small family get together and I served up a casserole made in my very large corning ware casserole cooked perfectly in my wall oven. So why buy a slow cooker?
I'm of the opinion that when you get gift cards you should firstly make sure that you use them and that secondly you buy things with your heart not just with your head. Does that make sense...wants more than needs???

It was Wednesday when I first 'played' with my new toy. (Sunbeam 5.5 l) I cooked a recipe that was in the instruction / recipe book. It was a beef casserole and I cooked it on low for 5 hours. It took care of itself; no burning or 'sticking' to the bottom and most importantly it was delicious. A bonus was that as well as Wednesday night's dinner, 2 more meals' worth were put away in the freezer. Yesterday I made my pasta sauce recipe but doubled the quantities. Again it cooked all by itself, no stirring etc and the longer cooking time meant it was lovely thick and delicious, just like my mother used to make. And it made 3 meals' worth!
DH is excitedly waiting for my next experiment with the slow cooker...lamb shanks...that's tomorrow!
(PS Regarding storage of the slow now lives in the built in cupboard in the 'office' which leads off the kitchen. The first spot I chose wasn't a good an overhead cupboard in the kitchen which I need a small stepladder to was too heavy for me to get down while balancing on the ladder).

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Claud said...

What a beauty! I have a old hand-me down one that I've used once or twice to warm apple cider with spices during the fall, but I've never cooked anything on it. Maybe I need to give it a go one of these days - he, he...