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Monday, June 27, 2011

The weekend...

DH and I headed off to the Gold Coast mid morning on Saturday and an hour later we reached Harbour Town which is a shopping centre of outlet stores. The Colorado store is in the hands of an administrator and people were swarming around the racks looking for bargains. DH had a look but came out of the store empty handed.  We are looking to replace a pyrex dish which broke recently and we went into the David Jones Outlet Warehouse hoping to find something to replace it with. Didn’t find anything but we bought some silicone bake ware at 70% discount and some cute baby ‘stuff’ for gifts.
Next we drove to Robina centre where we found more evidence of businesses going to the wall. Both Borders and Angus and Robertson bookstores were having ‘administrator sales’ and DH had a look around them to see what was there...nothing he wanted as a matter of fact. We had lunch at Robina and then bought a sympathy card, flowers and a contribution to afternoon tea for our next stop. We were heading to Banora Point to visit some friends who retired to that area. Banora point is actually just over the Queensland border and in New South Wales.
Sadly M’s mother (92 y/o) had died during the week so our planned social visit was now a condolence visit. A and M’s older daughter, her husband and baby daughter are living with them while her new home is being built in nearby Pottsville, so we got to catch up with them as well as our friends and their younger daughter.
DH and A talked golf etc while M and I talked about her mother’s passing. Ten years ago I experienced that loss and many of my experiences were similar to M’s. We stayed much later than we planned and I’m so glad we did. It was also delightful to see A and M’s delightful little granddaughter.

It was dark by the time we got to our accommodation which was in Tweed Heads, NSW. ‘Outriggers’ is part of a large club complex known as Twin Towns Services Club. There are 2 towns known as twin towns due to their close proximity, Coolangatta (QLD) and Tweed Heads. There are always packages offered by the club featuring various combinations of dinner, show, breakfast, accommodation. We hadn’t pre booked a show but after dinner we sat and watched a band perform for free downstairs. What I like about this part of the Gold Coast is that it’s still so similar to what it was when I was much younger. The glitz and glitter is farther north at places like Surfers Paradise.

Surfers Paradise in the distance with all its high-rises
View from Razorback

From Razorback

The pathway from the carpark to the top of Razorback

Driving into Surfers
The next day we decided to visit some of the beaches and other natural attractions of the area. Our first stop was ‘Razorback’ which is an area of high ground overlooking Coolangatta. The view is wonderful from up there. Then we drove along the beach front towards Surfers Paradise with a detour along Currumbin Creek Rd with its unspoiled natural beauty. Our last stop was at the Carrara Markets , then we headed home.
The apartment blocks at this end of the coast are not so high

Looking down from our balcony

Looking out to sea from the balcony

One of the views from our balcony

This motel is across the road from our tower; it represents an example of the 'old coast' of the 50s and 60s

Another view from our balcony using the telescopic lense as we were a block back from the beach
The view at Rainbow Bay

DH in his cowboy hat bought in Pendleton, Oregon
A tacky sign near Surfers
Knitting update:- This photo was taken last Friday but today's (Mon) measure was 125 cm. I don't think I'll make this throw 170 cm as I think it will look long and thin...probably make it 150-155cm instead...

PS I did not buy and fabric or yarn; there is a first time for everything! lol

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Tanya said...

I really miss the Coast of the 60's and 70's. My paternal grandparents retired to Labrador and it was such a beautiful quiet retired suburb. Dad would also get cheap bank holiday houses through work and we would have a beautiful summer at the beach. I regret the high rises that have grown out of all decent proportion and think that it has really changed the social style of the Coast forever now. But that is the way of the world and every day I sound more and more like my grandmother.