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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What's on at the local library...

Last Tuesday I went to a workshop at the local library. It was an 'Introduction to downloadable books from the library'. The workshop promised, 'Take a guided tour on how to borrow and download free digital books from the library catalogue. Discover where to find help when downloading these digital books at home'.
So it was, that clutching my iPad, I turned up at 10.30 to meet Bronwyn, the librarian running the workshop. There was only one other student.

Here's Bronwyn, just starting the workshop...

I've copied the list of items/services that are available through Brisbane City Council when you click on 'eBooks and downloads'...quite a lot eh!

  eBooks & Downloads
1. Bolinda Digital eAudiobooks
2. OverDrive Download
3. OneClickdigital eAudiobooks
4. Freegal Music Downloads
5. EBSCOhost Clipper DL eBooks
6. Good Reading Magazine Online
7. in2Era (Interactive Children's books)
1. International Children's Digital Library
2. RealTime Health
3. Safari Books Online
4. AudioBookCloud (formerly Tumble Talking Books)
5. TumbleBooks - eBooks for eKids
6. beamafilm

Here is the same list as you would see it on the computer screen when you access the library on the internet.

Now this workshop concentrated on #2,  OverDrive Download. We learned how to install the  OverDrive Media Console on a device (IOS,PC, eReader etc).  OverDrive is American, but a consortium of Australian libraries has been formed so that members can access the thousands of e Books that are available.  We were told that 3 of the world's 6 major publishers have joined OverDrive so there is a wide variety of literary genres available for loan.

A Kobe eReader, Sony eReader and an iPad. But if you don't have an eReader device you can install an app to a PC or Mac which will allow you to upload digital books :-) and read them on the computer

You use your library ID to access this and it's free! You can borrow these eBooks for 7, 14 or 21 day select the time period you want. When the time is up...the book disappears from your device...and as Bronwyn the librarian said, the days of overdue books are over! (my '1950s model' brain , found this part difficult to comprehend, lol )

Now I would suspect that if Brisbane City Council libraries offer this eBooks' loan service, other public libraries would too. Here in Brisbane, local libraries run these workshops on a regular basis, so you just need to enquire. It's worth it.

 Bronwyn also  drew our attention to #4 on the list...Freegal Music downloads. Library patrons are able to download 3 music tracks per week, absolutely free. The amount of music available through Freegal to choose from is quite large. I would not have known about that if I hadn't attended the workshop. I think our local library staff should become everyone's best friends!

I have installed the appropriate software on my iPad but have not as yet, borrowed an eBook because I have 3 'real' library books that I'm still reading. But I've surfed through the titles and have my eye on a couple of craft books on quilting and some mystery genre novels as well.


Dorothy said...

After your post last week I downloaded OverDrive - I think on my pc (maybe it was my iPad) anyway, everything seemed to be going along nicely and I had selected a book to borrow but something went funny and that's where it all ended for me. Perhaps I should ask at our library as I think its a wonderful resource. Thanks for mentioning this - I'd never have known otherwise.

Paul Forster said...

Isn't technology wonderful once you know what and how to use. Sounds like you are going to keep yourself busy, Maria!

Cath said...

I am so glad you did this post as I was a bit miffed when I was told by some local friends that I couldn't download library ebooks onto my iPad....I mean that is one of the reasons I bought it (as an e-reader) I am going to look into this TODAY!
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Anonymous said...

very interesting Maria,i didnt know any of this,thankyou for sharing.xx

Justjen said...

Thanks Maria, I did not know about the music downloads - Jen.

Justjen said...

Thanks Maria, I did not know about the music downloads - Jen.