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Sunday, March 17, 2013

What I'm reading...

I've had a few books 'on the go'; quite different genres.
Ryll Paul, Brisbane author
I mentioned in a post earlier this year that I had met a local Brisbane author who had written a book about her early life. This author was Ryll Paul and her book, 'Pebbles in the Road' covers the years 1951 to 1988. It's great reading a book about my home city and when it is written by someone of a similar age to me, it makes it even more interesting. I really enjoyed this book and couldn't help but compare her life to mine. Ryll married young and also became a mother many years before I did. She went into the workforce after Grade 9 and had a very interesting career in fashion, including sewing as well as design. I stayed at school and then went on to tertiary level education. I married relatively early ( not quite 21) but led a quite indulgent hedonistic lifestyle until my 30s. As a student and then a professional, I did not experience the same things/hardships  in my early adult life, as Ryll did. 

Ryll endured quite hard times at this age but she responded in a feisty way. Her first born was not expected to live but Ryll was determined to give him the best life possible. I was really moved by her motherly love and devotion to her Gavin. One feeling I got  as I read this book was that the men in the days of Ryll's early adult life were not always very supportive. A great read but tissues needed for some parts.

 The next book was borrowed from the library after I saw the author giving a talk on an ABC day time program. Being a Sociology major, Rosin's talk had me intrigued. The basic premise of her work is the change in social mores due to the changing status of women. I guess it's more of a textbook, therefore  she puts forth a lot of research about attitudes of young people these days, both male and female. The book also explores the changing roles of both men and women in society. I think the title was chosen for its 'shock value' rather than being a fact! lol
The chapters I've read have been quite helpful for me gaining insight into the lifestyle of my daughters and the aspects of that lifestyle which I dislike intensely  do not understand or feel comfortable with. I guess I cannot claim to be a 'cool mother'. 


Justjen said...

I will look for Ryll's book at our Library - Thanks.

Becky said...

Times are a changing I've been told. And boy do the young people now look at relationship completely different than I ever did. Ah well I'm sure our parents and Grandparents felt the same way about us. But both books sound like fabulous reading.

Anonymous said...

An interesting post Maria. I was particularly interested to read about Ryll's book. I havn't got around to reading it yet so I must put that right! I thought I recognised that photograph of Ryll. A lovely lady.

Ryll Paul said...

Hi Maria, I only just came across your blog and was amazed and honoured by your review of my memoir, thanks for reading it and taking the time of reviewing it. I am now following your blog and looking forward to reading your adventures... Cheers Ryll