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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Last Thursday...

We went into the city; my sister in law, DH and I. Venturing into the city from the suburbs  is quite a rare occurrence for us these days. Our destination in the city was one of the 2 remaining convict built buildings left standing in Brisbane...the Commissariat Store, which is now a museum.  ( The other convict built building is the Old Windmill on Wickham Tce)

This museum is in William St and entry is actually into the 3rd level which was not built by convicts but this storey was added later. The first 2 levels were built by 1829.

Now the back of the building is no where near as salubrious! But it's a great view of the riverside expressway with Southbank and The Performing Arts Complex in the background...but the 2011 floods and the resultant renovations and repairs have taken their toll.

A little while ago, this (below) was what the building looked like from the river side...note those gates. I took the previous photo from one of those windows on the second level. And the main entry for tours etc was through that green door.

Photo copied from the internet

The next 2 photos are views looking down the lift well which clearly show the stone work of the lower 2 levels...

The lift is see-through which makes it seem quite unobtrusive in this lovely old building...

In this photo we are in the lift and we're coming back up to the third level...
This is the building next door...another old government building but no where near as old as the Commissariat Stores Building 

Convict building workmanship
 The lowest level was closed to the public due to work that is being done there. We heard that a large retaining wall at the front of the building had partly collapsed following the 2011 floods (you would have noted how close to the Brisbane River this building is) and had the wall had to be rebuilt and damage to the building repaired.
New wooden staircase being built. Note the scaffolding  in the background where the new wall has been built.

I took this photo to show the new retaining wall close up. Hopefully it will last, as long if not longer, than the old one.

The workmen scattered just as I took the can just see one in their temporary office/shed.
Just had to take this photo...3 different buildings...3 different eras in the history of this city.

Now in a future post, I'll tell you all about the Exhibition that we went specifically to see at the museum.


Anonymous said...

great pics Maria,looks like you all had a lovely time.xx

Buttons said...

Oh these are wonderful photos someday I would love to go there and see for myself.

The gift you donated to Maa was incredibly beautiful and generous. You are a very giving person donating to a wonderful cause. It is nice to know that there are people like you in this world. Bless you.

Cath said...

Wow Maria, I never knew that was on my doorstep. I knew about the Old Windmill but not the Commissariat Store. I must make sure I visit this wonderfully historic building soon.
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Anonymous said...

Great pics Maria. I first visited the Commissariat Store when I emigrated over 30 years ago. Time I went back.

Susan, a Sometimes Blogger said...

Such interesting photos and subjects Maria. I love that old stonework. I really enjoyed your commentary too.

Have just been over to Maa's blog and saw her photos of that gorgeous shawl you generously sent her. So typical of your kind heart Maria. All to a good cause.