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Monday, March 4, 2013

The trusty laptop...

 We bought the present laptop in early 2011 so I could write my blog and generally stay in touch with family and friends while we had our driving holiday in the USA, March/April of that year.
When we holidayed in Victoria  last year, it came along too...

Writing my blog post in Bendigo last year
Now that DH is Secretary on the golf club committee, he takes the laptop to the meetings to type the Minutes straight in.
When FinePix photo uploader decided to have a major meltdown (corrupted I think is the term) on the PC and refused to reinstall, it was to the laptop that I turned to upload photos from my camera.
So what else does the laptop do to help us out?

Heh heh! We watch TV programs we've missed on iView or yahoo 7 and we play these programs through the laptop and on to the TV, just with a few cables!  Some friends of ours copied Series 3 of Downton Abbey from ITV and offered the files to us which were copied on to a USB...the whole series plus the Christmas Special. DH and I have watched the episodes before they were shown locally...again via laptop connected to the TV. My lips are sealed but I'll just warn that 2 of the shows require a supply of tissues at hand...
Not a good photo of the TV...looks like the the nasty Thomas is getting friendly with the new footman it is on the laptop :-)

No organist at church???
Not a problem. Get out the church laptop, plug the cables in and at the click of the!

Very clever!

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