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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just a few photos of Brisbane to share...

Last week when we visited the small  museum in William St, I also took  photos of some of the other lovely old buildings which survived the Bjelke-Petersen Government era of demolishing historic buildings in the name of progress.
Opposite the Commissariat Stores Building is the old Lands Administration Building which, according to DH,  did house the Government Printer  at one time and now it is the Treasury Casino Hotel . And yes, that is a 'speed camera' police vehicle parked outside the hotel. 

The old State library building. My SIL both spent many hours there researching during our uni days.

Looking down the street from the Commissariat Stores to other old state government buildings...I think that these were where the Archives used to be before moving to new premises at Cannon Hill.

Another gracious old building across the lane way from the Treasury Casino Hotel
Now we are turning towards George St, making our way through Queens Park, which is bordered by William St, Elizabeth and George St. Here's a link to a bit about this park's history.

The large building is the Treasury, which has been the Treasury Casino for quite a long time now.
 My fellow Brisbane Blogger, Foto Fantastic, has written a great post about the old Treasury, here.
Another view looking north east where the CBD of Brisbane is situated...

The statue of Queen Victoria after whom, the park is named (Queen's Park)

While waiting to cross George St at the Elizabeth St intersection, we spotted this sign :-/ lol Read some history of this building at Foto Fantastic's blog here
After this we walked up to the Myer centre (large (ugly) shopping mall built on the site of lots of other (lovely) old buildings) and my SIL and I just had to pop into Lincraft while we were there :-)

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Dorothy said...

Haven't been to Brissy for ages - its still a very beautiful city. Lived there for awhile back in the late 60s when I worked for 4IP which was at Ipswich at that time. I had a small flat in Dutton Park and because the radio station helped with paying for petrol, I used to pick up a few other members of the staff to give them a lift to work. One of them was Bernard King - do you remember him? He was hilarious and made those long drives bearable. xoxox