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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Knitting and lots of Nattering and Aunty Gwen...

The last Tuesday of the month is the Zillmere K&N, and DH decided that he should drive me there, then head off to a nearby golf driving range to 'hit a 100 balls'. Then he would come back and together we would both go to the reasonably nearby Chermside Shopping centre. That was the plan but as we were driving along Old Northern Rd, I commented that I wasn't familiar with this route to Zillmere. He thought that I was heading off to Albany Creek K&N! Hmmm... the girls complain that he never listens to them either! lol (I did arrive at Zillmere Community centre eventually after a change of direction! )

Zillmere donations for this month amounted to over 120 items...including good sized knitted and crocheted blankets and patchwork quilts.

 I just love the cover someone has crocheted for the money donations' tin

For a little while, off and on, I have been crocheting 15 rounds' squares in indigenous colours. It's always handy having something simple like this to just pick up and work on without too much concentration required.
Originally another member was collecting up these squares and sewing them into blankets. Well she has started to join her squares as she goes and has no use for individual ones like mine. So I started to join the ones I've done already (12) . I'm double crocheting them together to speed up the process. So that's what I worked on, on Tuesday. Since then, I've started crocheting around the 12 (sewn into a 3 by 4 rectangle) and it won't be long before it is a single blanket size!

Now about Aunty Gwen...
Aunty Gwen is an Aboriginal elder who works for the Northern Territory Health department. Her job entails her travelling to communities, some quite remote. For a number of years Aunty Gwen has handed out jumpers to children in these communities because they didn't have anything warm to wear. After winter each year, Aunty Gwen collects all these jumpers and washes and mends them. There are some friends of Aunty Gwen's who have helped over the years by knitting jumpers.

Well, a friend of a friend  of a K4BN's member, told this member about Gwen. The matter was discussed as to how the group could help. Eventually it was decided that for our group's Summer Challenge, we would help build up a supply of new jumpers for Aunty Gwen. So for December to the end of February many of us have been working on that. Some members knitted quite a few each...I only started in early February  using a pattern uploaded to the group's pattern files, and just did the one. But I loved knitting it and will knit some more throughout the year. It's so quick to knit a child's jumper after doing my 200 stitch throws! lol

My contribution to the jumper drive...I love the variegated yarn in the stripes. It makes it so easy to get a colourful effect.


Dorothy said...

Ooh Maria .. I love your jumper and it looks as if it might be a pattern I could manage. Is it available anywhere online. I've been battling with MariaT's Aussie Swing jacket today (without much success) and have put it aside till a friend checks something out for me regarding one of the rows. I have a stash of that bright blue in Totem and I'm sure I could find some bright variegated to go with it :) xoxox

Naturally Carol said...

I can just imagine the delight on a child's face upon seeing that jumper. I am not really keen on variegated wool but really like this effect with the plain stripes in between.

Justjen said...

I love the colours in the jumper Maria, it will bring a smile to a little face. I'm glad you like my yarnbombed donation tin as well lol.