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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here and there...

Last week DH was listening to the radio when a competition came up and he knew the answer. He rang and won a Tim McGraw CD and 2 tickets to an Aussie movie, 'Save Your Legs' which opens here tomorrow. We had to drive across town to Cannon Hill to where the office of 4BC is nowadays to collect the prizes.

After that DH and I headed towards the Gateway Motorway and started heading north. Then on to the small motorway known as the Deagon Deviation (it's always fascinated me that they would name a road that!) . from there it was a short drive over Bramble Bay (Houghton highway) and a little way farther north and we had arrived at our second destination of the day...Redcliffe.

This is what we came to see...

Last week the Moreton Bay District Council had the official opening of their tribute to the Bee Gees. Barry, the last surviving brother was there, as was his wife, mother, son and niece. The Gibbs family lived in various places on the Redcliffe Peninsula when they emigrated to Australia in 1958. They went on to be a great success both here in Australia, and of course overseas. The display included photos chosen by Barry Gibb.
So take a walk with me down Bee Gees Way...

DH stands in front of the sculpture made by Philip Piperides

On the opposite wall was this large mural

Yours truly looking a bit windblown! lol

Looking from the Walk towards the jetty which the boys spent a lot of time on as boys...

Their parents' wedding

A thank you to Col Joye

Looking towards the beachfront and the other new sculpture. Those rings revolved!

When we walked to the end of the wall I suggested that I just check out a fabric shop in the back street :-) where I bought some fabric to make more bunting.

It was a lovely day weatherwise rain ,just sunshine.


Dorothy said...

Gosh Maria, some of those photos of the Bee Gees brought back memories for me. Just when they were about to 'make it' in Australia, I was working as a programme arranger (selecting music to be played) at 2SM in Sydney. Their father was managing them at the time and he used to bring the boys in to the station to visit. It was a good move for artists to visit if they wanted their records played :) Can't remember how old Barry was but the twins were still quite young. What a fabulous tribute to the Bee Gees at Redcliffe. xox

Anthea said...

Thanks so much for all those great pics Maria. I was born in the early 70s, but have always loved the Bee Gees - clever songwriting and fantastic music - & all the songs they wrote for other performers too, what a treasure trove!
What a great day out for you both x

the foto fanatic said...

Lovely post Maria.

And the photos are excellent!