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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Flitting usual! lol

Yesterday, I spent an enjoyable afternoon at Chermside Library for the fortnightly gathering of Sisters of Stitch.

Lots of stitching going on at this table... (except for me, I was crocheting when I wasn't taking photos!)

Lot of chatting going on at this

 This photo is my friend Cheryl who was working on a project using the EPP method. I'm working on the border of the lap blanket that I was working on for FNwF last week.

The lady in black, Nicky, was working on the binding of her latest quilt. Next to her is Judie, who is the organiser of S.O.S.

And today, DH and I had a drive down to the Gold Coast. To be specific, we drove DsD2 and her fiancĂ© to Coolangatta Airport so they could catch their flight to New Zealand. They are going over for a friend's wedding this weekend, then staying on for a week to do some organising for their wedding in Wanaka (Sth Island) in May.

Departures; Coolangatta Airport
Then, on the way home, DH and I dropped in to IKEA. DH had commented last week that our laundry needs to be 'sorted out'. My answer to him was that there was not enough storage we had decided to buy a small set of 'Expidit' shelves and the cubes that fit in the shelves. Naturally we bought other 'stuff' too. (as you do at IKEA) A gift for Lucy and a small kitchen bench/trolley on casters. Photos will happen when we've put these things together. lol
Last time I was at IKEA, I took photos of the sewing room that they had set up, for this blog...well now they have a different display sewing room....

Cute little storage unit

A wall of shelving and storage boxes. On the top right hand side are some cylindrical shapes that were filled with rolls of gift paper... great idea. you could also use it to store rolls of fusible webbing or tracing paper perhaps.

Nice wide/deep table for the sewing machine...and the big light!

A small wheeled set of plastic shelves for storage...note the iron

More shelves on the back wall and a work table with adjustable height which would be wonderful for cutting out etc! Note the small ironing board hanging on the wall.
I'm planning a quiet day at home tomorrow, finishing off a few projects hopefully.


Anonymous said...

what a busy stitching group they look they they are a lot of fun maria,lovely pics.xx

Anonymous said...

You ladies all have busy fingers Maria. Brisbane libraries are so active these days. Gone are the days when they just loaned books.
Thanks for warning me about IKEA. Looks like It's a bit dangerous for a girl's credit card. Especially for me who's a real Virgo and loves all those matching boxes and shelves and all that lovely 'stuff'.

Paul Forster said...

Looks like you are keeping yourself busy during your retirement from teaching. Have been back to school a week and I'm already tired. Thankfully I have a great class!