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Friday, October 5, 2012

While DH played golf, I did other 'stuff'....

On Thursday morning I met an old school friend for coffee. Jean drove us to Mooloolaba and we ordered our coffees. After lots of chatting, Jean suggested that we go for a walk and see what the shops had to offer. We saw some beautiful things at high prices but certainly nothing that we wanted to buy. My friend is like me...doesn't really need anything.

We then went across the road to the foreshore and 'checked out' the caravan park there. Jean described childhood family holidays there and the fun that she and her brother had. It's still a beautiful place although the actual park is smaller.

The Mooloolaba caravan park...just imagine lying in bed listening to the waves at night :-)

The resort and unit buildings across the road from the beach. On the ground level are shops and restaurants etc

Overlooking the beach is this statue honouring Steve Irwin with Bindi and Bob

Looking towards the Spit and Port Cartwright

Jean checking out my camera. She is a really clever photographer and takes those group photos  at our high school reunions

The showers are shaped like those vents on a ship

The amenities block looks like a ship if viewed from the water, but I just stood on the decking instead! lol

After our walk around we decided to have some lunch and it was close to 3 o'clock by the time we decided to call it a day...those 5 hours had been delightful!

Yesterday my niece picked me up from the unit and we went 'op-shop' shopping. We found some lovely baby things for #2 baby as well as some little wooden children's chairs, and I bought a few things too :-)

This is where ( at Cottontree) we had the most delicious lunch; my niece comes here on her own occasionally as a special treat

J checking out some items in this large op shop

I bought this baby blankie to donate to K4BN; it is new and had a tag on it of $75 which had been crossed out and $8 written on it! Couldn't leave it behind! I also bought bags of buttons for a knitting friend who makes necklaces out of buttons, a small pyrex dish, an unfinished panda toy and a part ball of yarn.

My niece had wanted some advice about using curtains bought from an op shop. She had been hesitant to buy any before as the headings always had the long hooks on them which didn't suit the curtain rods in her rental house. So I told her about 'split-ring' curtain rings which would solve that problem. We went to lots of op shops...I was amazed how many are in that part of the Sunshine Coast. We found 2 pairs of beautifully made children's fabric one for the new baby and one pair for Lucy's room. We stopped at Bunnings eventually to buy some packets of split rings as we hadn't found any in the op shops. I got a text message last night to say that the curtains were just right in the 2 bedrooms. Also in the sms, my niece said that on the way home she had stopped at another op shop where she found a lovely duchess/dressing table for Lucy's room, which was something else she had been looking for.

I was tired after all that op shop shopping so relaxed on the balcony and watched the ships out to sea. The main shipping channel is just off the coast and the ships just keep on coming!

Dorothy, my camera was a 60th birthday gift from DH and is a Fuji 15x Zoom F550. It seemed to be quite expensive to me as I always had just bought $100 cameras :-); but DH spoiled me!


kaiteM said...

Such a fabulous find with that beautiful blanket, it will find a very loving home. And how Moo'ba has changed, i didn't recognise it at all. You deserve a good camera, well chosen DH.

Dorothy said...

Another wonderful day and some more great pictures. I also love op shop shopping - marvelous what you can find occasionally. Thanks for the camera info. I enjoy taking photos and although I have a good camera, I tend to use my iPhone 4S as its always with me, requires just a tap and the pics are so easy to download to the computer.

Becky said...

It looks like you are having a wonderful time.

duchess_declutter said...

What a lovely day out - I love that last photo Maria. cheers Wendy

jeanetteann said...

My,you did have a lovely time. Op shopping is the best fun,and that blanket a steal.
The colour of that sea is spectacular. x

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