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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's a tough life...but someone has to do it...

Well a number of 'someones' have to do it! What is that? Why... try out venues for next year's 50th Anniversary of our high school opening of course. lol
Last Saturday some of my old classmates and I went to the Victoria Park Golfing Complex to have lunch at their 'Caddy Shack', a casual dining area. When we arrived it became obvious that this is a popular place for a Saturday lunch. This golf course is very hilly and the Caddy Shack is situated in an elevated position, surrounded by gardens and manicured lawns/fairways and greens with great views of the city in the distance.

This is a photo I took from the Complex's webpage, showing the golf course from the air

The wait staff gave us excellent service and the food was lovely. We all had a lovely time catching up, and we were quite impressed with the possibilities of this venue for our reunion.

This photo shows the lovely Alison in the foreground but also shows how large an area the Caddy Shack is...

The waitperson who brought out our food offered to take this photo for us :-)
Now I'm including this photo to show the background to Val and Alison tucking in to their lunch, of how the indoors of this restaurant flow to the outside...

Jan and I just about ready to start eating our delicious 'Sliders Flight' which were 3 little burgers; one with chicken, one with beef and one with grilled salmon...very nice!
This photo shows the city in the distance. On the other side of that wooden ramp is the Mini Golf Course/Putt Putt which is very popular with families.

I learned to play golf at this club in the mid 1970s. It was a very basic place in those days. It has since been developed into a  very popular family friendly complex and because it is a Public Course, costs to play a game of golf remain reasonable. 
We plan to check out another venue in early December too...quite decadent really! lol

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Naturally Carol said...

There are rewards for lovely volunteers sometimes aren't there..and you'd have to take some company to taste test the desserts!