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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A family wedding...

Last Saturday, DH and I went to a nephew's wedding. DH's nephew is a house painter who has done lots of work on our house over the years so we've got to know him quite well. 

The wedding was small and was held at a Functions Venue near Beenleigh, which is south of Brisbane. The venue is in an area that is still semi rural and has a number of historical buildings on the site which also features some lovely gardens. The wedding took place in an old wooden chapel.

DH's cousin was the marriage celebrant so it really was a 'family affair'. The couple have 2 children who were so well behaved even though it must have been a long day for both of them. Due to the number of children at the wedding, the reception started almost immediately after the 4pm wedding was over. DH and I have been to a number of weddings over the years where there is often several hours between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception...we've had lots of cups of coffee at pubs and clubs etc while we waited. Except of course when my DDs got married and we were needed for the photos :-)

Little Ashleigh, dressed up for her parents' wedding...

The girls with the bride's dad

The bride wore my bridal headpiece for 'something borrowed'....

The happy couple with the Celebrant after the ceremony

With their parents in front of the old stables' building

3 cousins by marriage

The cake was a mudcake and was served as the dessert

The bridal table...

It was a lovely wedding but as you can see in the photo below...I wore shoes with a small heel. My poor feet were so glad to get out of those shoes later on! And to think that in the early years of my teaching career, I used to wear high heels to work. It was while I was pregnant with DD1 that I 'discovered' how nice 'flatties' were to wear! lol
Despite the 'heels', I'm still a shortie compared to others in the family :-)


Nanette said...

I love the pic of the little boy with his quirky smile...a lovely wedding.

Becky said...

I can't do heels at all anymore they absolutely kill my feet. You look lovely all dressed up for the wedding.