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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Looking across to Kangaroo Point...

On Tuesday DH and I dropped DD2 off at the Royal Brisbane Hospital where she had an appointment. The idea was that when she had seen her doctor she would ring us and we would collect her. Normally I would drive home to wait but DH suggested that we drive to the nearby suburb of New Farm and await her phone we did. DH is quite fond of New Farm as it was to this suburb that he moved  when he first moved out of home in his early twenties. He rented a little house on the bank of the river; the house is still there but it is surrounded by blocks of units.

This is a photo from google maps street view showing the little house that DH rented all those years ago. It's the blue  building set back a bit. The little building at the front is a more recent addition. 

We stopped at a little park on this street and while we waited for DD2 to call, we enjoyed the view of the river, the city and of Kangaroo Point which is directly opposite.

A small jacaranda tree in the small park! lol

Looking towards the CBD (around Petrie Bight) with the iconic Storey Bridge in front

Cliff face of what was an early quarrying operation on New Farm side of the river. Note the units along the street

Looking down at some old buildings on the river bank...still on the New Farm side

Looking across the river to Kangaroo Point. Again the old maritime buildings have been replaced by unit blocks...

DH and I decided that the house on the left would be nice to live in....probably worth several million though! lol

The sandy 'beach' on Kangaroo Point; DH's mother and her cousins would go for swims at this spot

 DH's forebears lived in Kangaroo Point. His great grandfather was a ferryman on the river crossing from Kangaroo Point before the Storey bridge was built. DH's mother lived with her parents in Kangaroo Point until the death of her father (DH's grandfather) and a change in family fortunes saw them move to a settlement in Victoria Park.
While we waited, we saw a number of City Cat services go up and down the river

It was a very pleasant way of passing the time. Just over an hour after we dropped her off, DD2 rang to say that she was ready to be picked up.


Naturally Carol said...

There are some lovely spots along the river, I've been to a couple of the parks but don't know the river all that well. I do like going on the ferry there though.

jeanetteann said...

Lovely views Maria. Thank you for your kind comment x

ozgrkdn said...

Dear Maria,Thank you for the warning, I have corrected the blog's photo:))

Maa said...

Hi Maria, Just to let you know I've been popping in to visit. We used to go to a pub in New Farm and have lunch occasionally. Nice memories. Sue

Deanne Langford said...

We were surprised driving through Brisbane the other day how advanced the Jacarandas were compared to the ones here which are just showing a promise of mauve!

Susan, a Sometimes Blogger said...

Really nice to have a look around the New Farm area Maria :D)