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Friday, October 26, 2012

Tomatoes and more tomatoes!

During winter this year I planted a number of tomato plants in large tubs instead of in the vegie garden beds. These tomatoes have done extremely well and are very productive. I have to admit though, that in the last month, the insect pests have been visiting, and this, together with some very windy days, have made the plants look not at their best. But I'm still picking lots of tomatoes each day.

Two plants that I potted on earlier, came up in my home made compost. One is a cherry tomato and the other is a 'truss' type. 

This truss type tomato came up in the compost....the plants is covered in small fist sized fruit..

This is one of the Tommy Toe variety tomato plants that I got free at the Exhibition this year

These are some of the crop...note the 'damaged' one near the front. That one ended up in the bin as there was at least one grub inside it.
Our friends, family and neighbours have been given paper bags of tomatoes, DH and I have something made with tomatoes each day, there are containers of homemade tomato puree in the freezer...there has been more than enough to share around. I'll probably make some more puree but part of me is pondering about making some oven dried tomatoes...??? My dad had a wonderful and productive vegie garden but he would be amazed to see what I'm growing in potting mix!


kaiteM said...

Very well done, i've never had much luck growing toms in potting mix, even the superior potting mix. What did you use?
Did you know you can freeze the smaller ones whole as is. I usually freeze them in ice bloc trays so they don't stick together then transfer them to freezer bags.

kaiteM said...
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Becky said...

Our tomatoes did not do very well this year unitl I threatened them with being ripped out and added to the compost. They have now put on a bunch of new healthy growth and are covered in tomatoes. We are hoping we don't get a killing frost so we can get these late tomatoes to the "red" stage. Here it is late October and we have yet to get a freeze - which is really weird.

Linn said...

Wow, those tomatoes look great! Can't wait for NSW's turn for tomatoes. You just can't buy flavour like homegrown.