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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It pays to check into things...

Yesterday we got some great news! But we've had a few weeks of worrying that preceded this good news...

My DD2 has been seeing a doctor at our public hospital and was recently given some disturbing news...she required an operation that would possibly result in not being able to bear children. I wanted her to see a specialist in the private system as I felt that she should have a second opinion before contemplating such surgery. She refused our offer to pay to see a specialist  and also chose to ignore our suggestion about a second opinion. She is an adult and has to make her own choices but I found it so hard... Then DH had an idea. 
The day I divided up a pot of hippeastrums, I ran out of potting I dug a hole and shoved  and planted a bulb in a garden bed...I forgot all about it but it has done well with the neglect lol

DD2 is very close to her cousin who is a nurse and he suggested that I raise my concerns with my niece when we recently spent a day together. My niece agreed with the idea of a second opinion and offered to ring DD2 and 'have a chat'. So it was a lovely surprise a few days later to get a call from my daughter saying that she had decided to see a private specialist for a second opinion and could I drive her to the appointment. And that appointment was yesterday. 

Day lilies

This doctor had done some surgery on DD2 before so knew the background. He looked at all the test results and the scans etc and said that the radical surgery proposed by the doctor in the public clinic was completely unnecessary. He pointed out a number of anomalies in the other doctor's conclusions and just suggested DD2 has 3 monthly checks on the condition and best of all those check ups will be bulk billed!! So I had one ecstatic daughter and DH and I felt pretty good too! :-)

(My daughter has private health cover but visits to specialists are not claimable; this visit cost $390 with just over $ 100 refunded by the government's Medicare)

The photos today were taken in our garden...hippeastrums are flowering now, as are my red daylilies. And the last photo is of my dill plant which has gone to seed.


Dorothy said...

So pleased to hear that your DD doesn't have to undergo that surgery. Us mothers do worry about our offspring don't we? My eldest DD has a really bad back problem which is causing much stress at the moment. Your flowers are lovely. xoxox

duchess_declutter said...

That would be such a relief to you I'm sure Maria. I'm much in favour of 2nd opinons too - well worth it. cheers Wendy

Maa said...

Thank God her mother didn't give up. I'm so pleased your DD listened to some well meaning advice too. Maa