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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Sunday drive...

Yesterday DH and I went for a drive in the particular destination in mind but we thought that we'd check out a recent road upgrade of Gap Creek Road. This road that been a link between two leafy suburbs The Gap and Kenmore for many years, but it was little more than a dirt track. The new upgrade saw it being completely sealed. On our way to Settlement Rd, we detoured to have a look at the area around DH's old high school. This area was farming country when DH went to school and for a number of years after...but not now

DH's high school is way in the distance. When DH went to school all the foreground was farms

Where the farms were are now housing

Back on the main road now and a view of buildings which were the original buildings
Then we drove up Settlement Rd, Keperra on our way to The Gap. We ten crossed over Waterworks Rd and got on to Gap Creek Rd.

Settlement Rd

The entrance to one of the old quarries

Gap Creek Rd

This part of the road used to be unsealed

At the end of Gold Creek Rd we drove through the suburb of Kenmore, then took a ramp to go on to the Western Freeway which took us over the Brisbane River. DH had planned that we would stop for a coffee at the DFO, Coffee Club (Direct Factory Outlet) at Jindalee, but it was closed. DH knows lots of shortcuts and back ways before I knew it we were driving through the suburbs of Rocklea, Fairfield, Yeronga ( all of which were flooded last January) and it seemed like all of a sudden we were at the old inner suburb of Dutton Park! We visited the Dutton Park Cemetery to stop at DH's grandparents' grave. They were very poor, despite his grandfather being a war hero (Boer and WW1) the grave is unmarked :-(

Old Boggo Rd Jail which is a re-development site

Just some rough ground, no headstone or marker

A lovely old brick hotel

Views of the city in the distance as we head towards South Brisbane

There's still some more of our drive to go...but I'll write about that tomorrow :-)                                                                             

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Lea White said...

What a trip down memory lane. Lovely photos and how sad that the grave is unmarked! :-(