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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The answer to a household full of 'stuff' perhaps?

Yesterday I wrote about the on going process of de-cluttering. Today is a little light hearted post; a bit of whimsy. On the K4BN (Knitting for Brisbane's Needy) forum page there has been a lot of bantering about the fact that a TARDIS type storage container would solve all the problems of storing yarn stashes. (the TARDIS is Dr Who's travel/time machine and is much bigger inside than it appears on the outside)
One of our new members, Sharon, using a bit of 'trickery and illusion' posted the following photo on the forum page; much to everyone's delight! Sharon very kindly allowed me to use her photo on the blog :-)
I've just had a thought...some readers may not know who or what Dr Who is. It was originally a BBC production featuring a number of actors who played the lead role over many years of production. In more recent years it has be revived and is now popular with a whole new generation of watchers. There should be plenty of info on the net if you google it. The TARDIS resembles an old English Police Phone Box.

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