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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Australia Day...

It's a public holiday throughout Australia today and I wish all Aussies a great day celebrating with family and friends. The day celebrates when Captain Arthur Phillip landed in Sydney Cove to start a British penal colony which eventually became this nation. In more recent times there has been acknowledgement that there were inhabitants here before Phillip and his First Fleet arrived...the aborigines. Many of the indigenous people refer to today as 'Invasion Day'.

My forebears were not convicts (it is considered very trendy to be descended from a convict these days :-/)but most came from the UK, especially Ireland, and of course my dad came from Sicily. My father loved his adopted homeland and I'm pretty proud to be an Aussie too! For a few years now, DH and I have celebrated with friends at one friend's house. That was called off this year.

Photo; Courtesy of my friend Jane Kleeman Marsh

Due to the heavy rain over the last week many A.D. activities have been cancelled. DH and I had planned to join some friends in a big open-air concert in the Moreton Bay District Council area of Strathpine...too muddy etc so it's been cancelled. We talked about going to festivities at some of the local sporting and RSL club but have decided to do our 'own thing'....watching the cricket and the tennis on telly! lol Then small lamb roast with baked vegetables for dinner tonight...then maybe a dessert made with slices of fresh mango!

We'll leave the more boisterous type of celebrating to the young ones.


Lea White said...

Happy Australia Day. Hope you will have a lovely time!

Linn said...

Happy Australia Day Maria,
from a descendant of a First Fleeter convict.

Becky said...

Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate to me. I am deaf in my left ear so I don't do well at BIG events - can't hear anyone unless they are sitting right next to me on my RIGHT side. LOL... Scott will walk next to me on the left side sometimes and I have to tell him, "No good... can't hear you". I sound like the Door knocker in Labyrinth.

Claud said...

Happy Australia Day! I can't wait to visit one day. I should have done it when I went to New Zealand, but time was an issue then. Have a lovely time.

Humble wife said...

Happy Australia Day a wee bit late!