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Friday, January 13, 2012

A picture's worth a 1000 words so they say....

A picture's worth a 1000 about 400 words, so let's see what I can come up with :-)

This photo was taken last Monday night when a group of old schoolfriends gathered to celebrate a friend's 60th. we gathered at Valerie's home who is standing next to me in the photo. So what are some things that come to mind when I look at the photo?
  • We all went to Newmarket High in the 1960s
  • I'm the odd one out in a kind of way; I was in the 10A2D class, the others were in 10C1 which was a commercial studies class.
  • Valerie's son James, took the photo with the instructions,'don't make us look fat!' lol
  • It was an unbelieveably hot evening with temperatures in the 30s celcius.
  • Most of the group left in Year 10 to start working.
  • Two of us trained as teachers but only Christine (middle of back row) is still teaching.
  • All of us have children.
  • One of us, Valerie, is a widow.
  • Two of the group are still married to their first husbands
  • Three of us have been through a divorce
  • Alison, in the white, is now in the process of her second divorce.
  • The three of us in the front row are not grandparents yet
  • All of us have travelled overseas and two of us have lived overseas for a time.
  • Six of us live in Brisbane; the birthday girl lives in Sydney.
  • A couple of the 'girls' have at least one parent alive.
  • Some of us admit to joints stiffening and the dependence on reading glasses.
  • Three of us don't work but one of those is looking for work as investment returns are disappointing.
  • We enjoy recounting anecdotes of our school days.
  • We tease Jane, front left, for forgetting that we used to do sewing at primary school. She's blocked out ant memories of those samplers we stitched! lol 
  • Sue (white hair in back row) hated high school :-(
  •  All of us have a Facebook page and we are big fans of the social networking site as that's how we've found lots of other classmates.
  • On Sunday we are all meeting at Alison's new place for a deck party to celebrate her moving into a new home. Alison has downsized and says that the deck is the largest part of the house!
Now during the vening we talked about lots of things, and one topic for discussion was our school uniform. As a group we rather liked our old uniforms and the outfit was certainly different to other school uniforms of that time. Most other high schools had a pleated skirt and a button up blouse with a hip yoke; we had a dress. Jane commented that it was a shame that we didn't keep our old uniforms...heh heh. I have a surprise for them all on Sunday.
Ta dah....!!!! From out of a storage crate in the crawl space under our house...please ignore the creases as it's been in storage a looong time! lol

The uniform that I wore in Years 11 and 12

The hat that was introduced when I was in year 11 to replace the old panama white hats


Becky said...

The only thing I have from school time is my graduation gown and some things from the prom but you are making me want to pull them out and write about them. Perhaps since it's so cold today I will do just that. It looks like you all had a grand time!

Anonymous said...

Nice photo! The only thing I have from my HS years is some photos and my class ring which doesn't fit anymore :-(.

Lea White said...

What an interesting post to describe the photo! I only have some year books and school pictures left from school. Don't think I have anything else from my school days left.