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Saturday, January 21, 2012

FNSI or Friday Night Sew In...

Last night was the first FNSI for the year and I had planned to sew up some knitted teddy bears. 'Best laid plans' and all that! Instead I finished sewing up some donated squares into a blanket. Knitted and crocheted squares are often donated to K4BN and Karen, the organiser is always looking for volunteers to sew them up.
I'm slowly working my way through a large box of squares that I took home a number of months ago. At first I just sewed the squares together but I thought that it didn't look as good as it could. So then I started working a round of double crochet (I think it is called single crochet in the US) in black yarn around each square, and then sewing them together. I found it so much easier to sew them up then as the edge of each square was easier to sew and stitches didn't show.  The black formed a border too. So for weeks I would take a bag of squares and black yarn to K&Ns, waiting rooms, or in front of the TV at night, and crochet around these squares. Last night I finished sewing up another blanket...but there are still lots of squares left in the box!

This week the Knit and Natters started again. When I collected some donations from a lady a few suburbs away last week, I invited her to come to some of the K&Ns and she said she couldn't as she didn't drive. Naturally I offered to give her a lift which she accepted. So last Wednesday Pam and I headed out to the Albany Creek K&N. Despite the notice being on the forum page no one else turned up so we had the meeting room to ourselves, the librarian organised coffee and we enjoyed the lovely chocolate brownies that Pam had made and brought along! We thoroughly enjoyed chatting, getting to know each other, and, of course,...knitting! Bliss lol
Pam, her knitting...and the brownies


Humble wife said...

Seems like less and less folks are showing up for clubs, groups, or volunteer things here where I live too.

I am like you though, and I would have enjoyed visiting and spending time with someone while knitting away!

I love your first photos. I am working on a granny square quilt myself, and I did not like my first attempt at connecting them.I love how you connected them, and am thinking I have another way to connect them!

Have a lovely weekend!

Becky said...

OH! Those brownies look so DELICIOUS! Even if it was just two of you sitting and knitting I bet it was fun.

Mummy and Me Stitching said...

I think it was a great idea to put the black double crochet border around them. It looks really effective when they are sewn together. Great work!

Lea White said...

What a stunning blanket!!!!

Kelli said...

I like the border, too! Great idea. And it seems like a really peaceful way to spend an evening, doing something you love, yummy treats, and making a new friend. :) How fun!