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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Sunday drive on New Year's Day continued...

In the previous post I outlined the drive that DH and I took just around parts of our city. After we visited the cemetery where DH's grandparents lie, we headed towards, but not into, the city centre. We drove through the suburbs of South Brisbane and West End, travelling past old churches in Cordelia St, with a view of Stefan's (an iconic Hairdresser here?) SkyNeedle as well. The Skyneedle was a tower structure which was built for the World expo in 1988. It used to have a spotlight/searchlight  show each evening of Expo where lights would sweep over Brisbane suburbs from the tower. Stefan bought the tower and erected it outside his headquarters' building in South Brisbane. It's been 'in the wars' though. Before the base was flooded last year, there had been a fire in it that caused extensive damage.

A Greek church

Another old church on the corner of Cordelia St, Sth Brisbane

Yet another old church building on Cordelia St (not used as a church any more)

Sky Needle

Peel St looking towards Grey St and the CBD in the distance

'Office' accomodation on Peel St

GoMA building on the right

The lovely old Grey St Bridge aka William Jolly Bridge

The Police Barracks development on Petrie Terrace

The not so salubrious side of Petrie Terrace

On the ICB (Inner city Bypass)

Driving along towards the Hamilton Reach of the river

Racecourse rd Hamilton
Crossing the river again, we drove past the Gallery Of Modern Art, and the suburb of petrie Terrace where an historical old building, The old Police Barracks has been turned into a modern retail, dining and movie theatre complex.
Using the Inner City Bypass Rd, we emerged from the short tunnel near Breakfast Creek and drove down Kingsford Smith drive. This road runs along beside the Brisbane River and on this public holiday it wasn't packed bumper to bumper with traffic :-). We ended up at the Coffee Club on Racecourse Rd Ascot which was a very busy place on this public holiday. After a coffee we headed back home after a drive that had taken  us through quite a few suburbs!

The roadworks at the end of Stafford rd which includes a tunnel as well as these freeway ramps.


Lea White said...

I've never been in your part of the world and simply love seeing the photos.

There is also an award for you over at my blog -

Humble wife said...

Thank you for this drive! I love seeing so many things. Much the same, much different. I smiled also at the wheel which for me is on the wrong side, for you the right side!!

May you have a Happy 2012