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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

An award... me?

This is how it all started... Lea over at, got a Liebster Award from another blogger. The idea is that if you get an award, you too must select 5 blogs from your reading list and hand on the Liebster award. The blogs that you choose have to have less than 200 followers. It's a tough one... You see I now have that task of selecting just 5 blogs, as Lea very kindly selected my blog as one of her five. She wrote, 'I love her trips down memory lane. I love her photos.'

I love all the blogs that I follow plus a number that I just read occasionally. One blog I was going to select for an award was Maria at Life on the Block...but she has 209 followers.  Polly's Porch had hundreds of followers too. So after much deliberation here are my Liebster Awards

1. Becky for her lovely photography of her area of the world and  her gorgeous pets. Becky also does the most amazing sewing and jewellery to mention just a few of her crafting skills. I've googled lots of places that she has mentioned in her I'm learning about SC even though I'm half a world away.
2. Tanya has a blog that was one of the first that I became a follower. Tanya is someone who is sharing her knowledge of living in a more simpler way with her community. Her recipes are legendary! She wrote to me privately last year giving such comforting and wonderful advice when my DD2 was causing me a bit of worry . I really appreciated that.
3. Linn is another amazing woman. Her blog is all about family life and Linn's family includes foster children. Linn cooks her own bread and makes cheese and pasta to mention just a few items. Her and Mr Linn's vegie garden is thriving.
4. Jan has 2 blogs. The link goes to Sew Many Quilts-Too little time and the other blog is Oz Comfort Quilts. Jan has been able to donate almost 600 quilts to various appeals during 2011. People donate QAYG quilt blocks to Jan and she turns them into full-size quilts, so that's a lot of bindings to do. She also accepts unfinished/unwanted quilt tops and then finishes them. As well, Jan knits and crochets for charities,including beanies, rugs, scarves etc.
5. TGL 's work takes her travelling a bit so I enjoy her photos and posts of other countries and places. Her nature photos are very impressive. TGL takes a lot of care with the text in her posts whereas I often just dash something off. She is also Jewish and I'm enjoying learning about the customs and traditions that TGL and her husband follow.
6. Now I'm putting in a 6th blog as I believe that Jan's travelling in China may make it difficult for her to choose 5 of her favourite blogs and write a post on it. So maybe there is a tie! lol Claudia's blog (and her former one) has been a favourite of mine for ages. I learn so much about life in the US from Claudia and I've even learned about Claudia's homeland El Salvador. Claudia writes in a delightfully witty way and her pictures are always great...especially ones of her darling cat CC and her garden.
And now that's my five/six. I follow loads of other great blogs and I would recommend them all!
Now those people that I've chosen, link back to me and nominate five others with under 200 followers.


Lea White said...

I'll be checking out the blogs you listed! :-)

Linn said...

Thankyou for the Liebster Award Maria. I love reading your blog also. And I am very grateful for the lovely comments you leave when I post.

Anonymous said...

I'm so honored! What a beautiful surprised Maria - thank you! I do love your memory lane posts. Some people don't like to read too much of somebody else's personal life and only want to read the fairy tale blogs were nothing bad ever happens to 'real' people. But that's what makes blogs like yours so special and real. Thank you again.

Paul said...

Hi Maria
Thanks for commenting on my blog! I teach 8 year old children! What age did you mostly teach? We do have a lot to learn from young people!

Becky said...

Why Thank ya' Mam... I will get 5 listed after work tomorrow - Just to tired to make much sense of anything tonight. I hate when my shifts switch around so much.Tomorrow I have to be into work at 5 Am and then Friday I won't go in until 8 AM... GEEZ!

{ T G L } said...

Wow, my first blog nomination! What a neat idea! And I am very honored indeed. Thank you so much :) I also look forward to reading the other blogs.

This Good Life

Tanya said...

Thanks Maria for the nomination. You are so kind, in many ways. Loved the school class photos on FB recently, especially seeing your changing face and fashions over the years. It was all quite familiar really, funny hey?