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Sunday, November 6, 2011


DH and I are going to a wedding this Saturday. The bride is DH's god-daughter and the wedding ceremony is on the beach at Zilzie, which is near Rockhampton. It's about an hour by plane but DH and I have decided to drive up, with a stop-over for 2 days at Hervey Bay. Now once, if I received a wedding invitation, I would go on an endless (well it often seemed endless!) round of visiting dress shops and trying on lots of outfits in my quest to get a new outfit. Even longer ago, I would buy some special fabric and start to sew a new outfit. As I'm now, 'twice the woman I used to be' in terms of girth, this trying on of garments has become  more discouraging and even downright depressing! In the last 10 years, I have been mother of the bride twice and have also bought a number of special outfits to attend weddings...these clothes sit in the wardrobe and look pretty...I also have matching handbags and shoes for these outfits.

In particular, the outfit I bought for DD1's wedding was a LOT more expensive than I normally would pay...but it fitted...and it was the week before the wedding and I had not found anything in the months before had that fitted or flattered. A few years ago when I had started to be less enamoured of the consumerist lifestyle, I decided to wear that outfit another wedding. I bought some new shoes though (at DFO on the 'chuck out' table) because the other stylish ones were horribly uncomfortable to wear. And that's the outfit I'm going to wear on Saturday. I figure that the more times I wear it...the more economical it was to buy! lol

#2 outing for the outfit, my nephew's wedding. DH and I are at the back of the 'Aunts and Uncles' table

However I do have a story to tell about when I reprised the outfit... We were standing around the side of the Catholic church in Ferntree Gully with a number of other people, as we were early, when my first husband arrived. DH and I greeted him politely then, in the loudest possible voice', first husband said..."I know that dress!...That's one of mum's! You're wearing one of my mother's dresses!!!!' The ground didn't open up and swallow me and I didn't say the rude words I was thinking...I just said between clenched teeth...'This is not one of your mother's dresses!' It's one of those occasions when with hindsight you think of witty and cutting things that you could have said. Of course he had seen the dress our daughter's wedding.

In the carpark of the church after the 'run in' with 1st husband...note body language :-)

I don't expect any one to recognise the dress on Saturday, but if they did...'Frankly my dear...I don't give a damn!' lol


Linn said...

Good for you Maria! I plan on doing the same thing myself for one of our children's year 6 graduation. I'm so over the whole 'clothes shopping' thing so I am wearing an outfit that I wore to my son's wedding.

Becky said...

I agree whole heatedly! I hate trying on clothes... I hate spending a bunch of money to only wear something once.... And my eyes are wide open to Consumerism being a bunch of bull! OH and my Mother-in-law must know your ex! Love her but sometimes she doesn't think at all before speaking. Enjoy the wedding!