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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The reason for our road trip...the wedding!

On Saturday, November 12, DH's god-daughter married her sweetheart on the beach near Zilzie. The vista was beautiful...the on-shore wind was strong. The dress code was 'Cocktail' but most guests went barefoot or wore sandals/scuffs for the ceremony. Because of the wind, it was hard to hear what the celebrant said but everyone got the gist of what was being said! lol

The bride's mother had been a friend of DH's first wife; they had both attended Teachers' College together. When I came along, Ann was very welcoming and we've all stayed close. Ann was widowed when her girls were very little, and she very proudly walked the bride down the beach to the ceremony. The bride's dress was had beautiful beading on the bodice. The 'boys' were a bit more casual in their attire and demeanour. The sisters of the bride and bridegroom were the bridesmaids and they looked lovely in blue and silver dresses.

After the ceremony we went to the Zilzie Resort where drinks and nibblies were served between 5-6, when we then moved to the function room for the reception. DH and I had a lovely evening. We were honoured to be seated at the family table.

It's just the way it worked out but there were many more of the bridegroom's family and friends at the wedding than those of the bride. We did hear that Ann was disappointed that more people from Brisbane didn't attend but DH and I discussed this...It would have cost several hundreds of dollars for flights and accomodation plus wedding presents, or alternatively a long drive and many people may not have that money spare. DH & I went because we turned it into a little holiday and also we could go and see Meg on our way home.

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Kayly said...

The wedding ceremony and reception look lovely. At least this bride was smart and didn't get a perm!.